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The time for action is NOW

Climate change is escalating. Waste mountains are rising. There is more plastic in the seas than ever. More species are disappearing. The economic inequality is increasing. Time for action is now if we want to achieve the UN 2030 Agenda and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.


Leading the movement

Politicians seek voters. Businesses follow demand. We as citizens can change how we vote and what products we demand; we can influence our families, colleagues and peers. Who else is to lead this people’s movement if not we, the young people?


Imagine a society where sustainable consumption and production is normal!

We are living in a system, which does not have a future. In the sustainable society we strive for, there are no activities that systematically exploit natural or human resources. The entry point for the transition is to reshape the way in which the economy is organised. Advocating a more sustainable consumption and production will push businesses into redeveloping new business models, and politicians into financing public welfare services through only sustainable practices. Hence, sustainable consumption and production is key in solving the entire 2030 Agenda.

Our scope

ReGeneration 2030 gathers young people from the Nordic and the Baltic Sea Regions. Practically, that means Denmark, Estonia, the Faroe Islands, Finland, Germany, Greenland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden and the Åland Islands. We also welcome youth from Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Ukraine, and Belarus, as the drainage basin of the Baltic Sea includes these countries.

We mainly focus on teenagers and young adults between 15-30 years old.

Our mission

We have to cooperate more across nations and organisations and advocate change continuously. Strengthened by a passionate movement, we will all be encouraged to form political forces, come up with new businesses and lead NGOs ourselves. By educating youth, fostering a new leadership, uniting like-minded citizens and building norms around sustainable lifestyles, we aim to form a strong movement that shows both the necessity and the benefits of sustainability.

That is why our mission is to mobilise a strong youth movement in the Nordic and Baltic Sea regions in order to achieve the vision of sustainable consumption and production.

Where we come from

The ReGeneration 2030 movement was born in 2017 from the soil of the “Everyone can flourish story” on the Åland Islands. The small autonomous region mobilised a people’s movement – called Bärkraft – in order to push for the vision which inspired youth to do the same internationally. In 2019, the Åland Islands received the European Sustainability Award for its people-centered and systematic approach. This has made the Åland Islands the natural place for our organisation and the annual ReGeneration 2030 Summit.

What we do

Our movement provides different platforms for youth and youth-oriented organisations to network, build relationships, common initiatives, campaigns and projects around sustainable consumption and production. We also organise our own projects, events and campaigns. By doing this, we are able to provide access to a whole ecosystem of changemakers from different countries and in different sectors of society.

Our main event is our annual Summit which is held on the Åland Islands in August. While creating an open meeting place for youth to get inspired and learn more about today's global challenges, the participants get the opportunity to meet and discuss solutions with key stakeholders of society. The Summit in 2021 evolved into a ReGeneration Week that was held 28.8-1.9. We are now planning next years event so be in contact if you want to partner up! 


How we are organised 

The movement is based on the ReGeneration 2030 Foundation, which is managed by a board. The board and the chairperson are elected on annual mandate by the Summit participants. The board consists of 4-8 members, representing different cultures, regions and countries within the geographical scope of the movement. 


The Secretary General is in charge of the operations and supervises all projects, working groups and national representatives.


National Representatives will be designated in 2021 in order to establish a national ReGeneration 2030 mobilisation. The representative is in charge of building and maintaining a national network of organisations and youth. 



If you feel like it, then you are a part of it. We invite all youth in the Nordic and Baltic Sea regions to engage in our movement.
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