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around the Nordic and Baltic sea region

We’re on a mission to build youth power across the Nordic and Baltic Sea region to push for a just sustainable transformation by 2030.

ReGeneration 2030 climate advocacy youth movement

Uniting climate activists

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What we do

ReGeneration Week

ReGeneration 2030’s main project is ReGeneration Week - the annual sustainability festival held in August. We get together in Åland, Finland to learn, share knowledge and strategise for the year ahead.

Catalysts for Change

We also are holding an online educational programme Catalysts for Change and educating new motivated activists on the main drivers of climate change as well as the basics of system change and activism.

Our core partners

Eesti Noorteühenduste Liit partner of ReGeneration 2030
Ungir Umhverfissinnar partner of ReGeneration 2030
Terram Pacis partner of ReGeneration 2030
United Nations Youth Association of Denmark (UNYA) partner of ReGeneration 2030
Lithuanian Youth Council (LiJOT) partner of ReGeneration 2030
Nordic Youth Biodiversity Network (NYBN) partner of ReGeneration 2030
People of 2050
cirka cph partner of ReGeneration 2030
Åland natur & miljø partner of ReGeneration 2030
Emmaus Åland
ReGeneration 2030 climate march

Why 2030?

2030 is humanity’s deadline to keep global warming under 1.5c, the target set by the Paris climate accords. It doesn't sound like a lot, but it could be a make or break for humanity’s survival.   


Right now, our region’s sustainability plans aren’t on track to hit the 2030 target. That’s why we, the region’s youth, are fighting for sustainable change right now, so we can fight global warming and keep our region inhabitable for all. It really is the fight of our lives.

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