ReGeneration 2030 is a movement led by teenagers and young adults in the Nordic and Baltic Sea Regions making the United Nations Agenda 2030 sustainable development goals (SDGs) become reality.

It is rare that the youth take the lead in discussions about the future and the world that will be transferred to the next generations. We are changing that!

We believe that in order to reach the SDGs and to develop a sustainable society, we need to increase co-operation across state and regional borders, to engage in intergenerational dialogues and include the perspectives and the leadership of the youth. 

Liitu meiega! • Bli med oss! • Taktu þátt! • Присоединяйся к нам! • Prisijunkite prie mūsų! • Häng med!

Dołącz do nas! • Peqataagit! • Liity meihin! • Vær med! • Pievienojies mums! • Kom viđ! • Mach mit!

Join us!

This years' summit will be held August 20-21. There will be hubs in Stockholm, Mariehamn, Reykjavik, Copenhagen, Oslo, Vilnius. Tallinn, Greifswald, St Petersburg, Krakow and  Helsinki. You can participate in one of those cities or online. Read more and register! 


Engaging young people in the Nordic and Baltic Sea regions* to work with solutions to reach the UN SDGs

Creating opportunities for intergenerational dialogues for a sustainable society

Creating a platform where youths can meet, share experiences and connect with each other

Advocating sustainable solutions to leaders and key stakeholders of society

*The regions include: Denmark, Estonia, the Faroe Islands, Finland, Germany, Greenland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden. Belarus, Ukraine and the Åland Islands.


SDG updates &Upcoming Events

Updates with news/comments related to the UN SDGs and COVID 19 and upcoming events organised by ReGeneration 2030 and/or its core partners 

Networks & Activities

Russian Youth Declaration


Learn more about the ReGeneration 2030 Movement

The Arctic Youth Network

More events, activities and networks will be shared here shortly.

UN Environoment Program

"The Corona crisis, is also a time to to find better ways to tackle global challenges" 



"For a Sustainable Recovery from COVID-19"

UN films  for free about SDGs


18/8 2020

Hanaholmen, Esboo, Finland

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