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In 2022, we built and democratically adopted an awe-inspiring Youth Position Paper outlining how governments, businesses, and civil society can make big changes for a new system of life in our region to flourish. 

Since then, we’ve been bringing and voicing this Position Paper to the decision-makers of our region for them to hear the demands of the youth.

The Position Paper was structured by UNEP’s Anatomy of Action areas Food, Move, Stuff, Money and Fun, outlining the demands for each of the sectors. 

Position Paper by ReGeneration 2030 cover

Position Paper

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Decorative image

Main demands



Ensure everyone in the region can access sustainable nutrition, support food production workers' right to organise, and safeguard indigenous peoples' rights to practise their traditional subsistence economies.



Focus on prioritising social progress and environmental protection in government spending programs and policies for financial institutions. Also, support or make considerable local investments in green infrastructure such as public transport, retrofitting, renewable energy, and green jobs.



Ensure access to low-carbon leisure and support community-building activities by improving free or low-cost shared leisure facilities. Also, introduce Universal Basic Services to ensure that no one is left behind.



Invest in sustainable public transport for all, support public and collective transport options for workers and the community, and oppose car-centric urban infrastructure. 



Facilitate circular behaviour and reduced consumption, designate public spaces for repair, and replace GDP growth with a target that accurately reflects growth in human and ecological well-being, such as the Genuine Progress Indicator.

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