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Catalysts for Change

We are the climate generation: we’ve grown up with the climate crisis escalating whilst our politicians and leaders fail to fix the problems. We have been told to recycle our plastic bottles and stop worrying whilst the news just gets scarier.

Sound familiar? Enough is enough; it’s time to catalyse change. Apply for the Catalysts for Change programme 2024 for a chance to learn how to make real change in your neighbourhood, school - and across the world.

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Catalysts for Change

Know all the important basics about climate collapse and changing the system 

Connect with a group of 20 other young people to learn and grow

Understand the basics of why youth action matters 

Gain individual skills to push for positive change in your community/country 

Practice your skills in a real-life project in your local community that you design

Join ReGeneration 2030’s network of young activists for sustainability

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What’s in the Programme?

The course will be divided into four parts. It will be jam-packed with expert speakers, experienced activists and real-life examples from around the region, so you must be available to attend these day-long workshops!


Climate Change & System Change 101 

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Activism 101


Activist skill-building

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Action! Reflections and presentations of team/individual work


Invitation to ReGeneration Week 2024 

(travel and accommodation costs covered)

Can I apply?

You can apply to the training if you:

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Are 15-25 and live in the Nordic or Baltic Sea Region 

Speak and understand English

Have access to a computer and internet connection this spring/summer

Are available to attend online on 6th April, 27th April, 1st June

Want to become an asset to the climate movement!

Are available to attend ReGeneration Week 2024 in Mariehamn, Åland Saturday 9th - Tuesday 13th August

How Do I Apply?

Fill out this application form no later than Sunday 10th March 2024. We will be assessing applications on a first-come, first-served basis, so apply as soon as possible for the best chance of getting a place.

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