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The World We're Building

To build a sustainable future, we have to change this system before 2030. We strive for system change toward an economy focused on human needs, principles of care and equality, planetary boundaries, as well as global environmental and climate justice instead of profit. We no longer want to accept the exploitation of people and the planet along with rising inequalities. 


We want to question structures of power and privilege to address the root causes of the climate crisis and stop trying to fix its symptoms.


We want to reach climate and social justice through political and economic change in the Nordic and Baltic Sea region.

Ungdommens Folkemøde Nord ReGeneration Week 2030 speech

Our history

2017 - Nordic Council of Ministers launch a project ReGeneration
2018 - the first Summit is held
2020 - ReGeneration 2030 becomes an independent fully youth-led organisation
2021 - first ReGeneration week is held, and the Declaration is adopted
2022 - the Position Paper is adopted
2024 - the new long-term strategy is put into action
Our mission

We, the youth, believe that it is our mission to build a sustainable future. From bringing down apartheid in South Africa to winning voting rights for women in the UK, it's been young people at the front of movements for changing the world over.

We can’t wait for the leaders of the current system to dismantle it under their own feet: it’s time to take matters into our own hands.

That’s why our mission is to build youth power across the Nordic and Baltic Sea region to push for a just sustainable transformation by 2030.

Ungdommens Folkemøde Nord ReGeneration Week 2030

Our Mission

How we're doing it

ReGeneration Week

ReGeneration 2030’s main project is ReGeneration Week - the annual sustainability festival held in August. We get together in Åland, Finland to learn, share knowledge and strategise for the year ahead.

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Catalysts for Change

We also are holding an online educational programme Catalysts for Change and educating new motivated activists on the main drivers of climate change as well as the basics of system change and activism.

Our team

Our team

Board members

The youth board is the main decision-making power of ReGeneration 2030. The board is elected by the Summit for a 2-year term.

Emilia Nygård ReGeneration 2030 board member  chairperson

Emilia Nygård (she/her)


📍Stockholm, Sweden/Helsinki, Finland

Beata Ščiuko ReGeneration 2030 board member advocacy coordinator

Beata Ščiuko 


Advocacy coordinator

📍Kraków, Poland


Ellen Fokuhl ReGeneration 2030 board member vice chair

Ellen Fokuhl 


Vice chair

📍Northern Germany / Copenhagen, Denmark

Violetta Massala ReGeneration 2030 board member partners coordinator

Violetta Massala (she/her)

Partners coordinator

📍Turku, Finland

Natalia Mrówczyńska ReGeneration 2030 board member

Natalia Mrówczyńska (she/her)


📍London, UK

Douglas Malm Rath ReGeneration 2030 board member partners coordinator

Douglas Malm Rath (he/him)

Partners coordinator

📍Stockholm, Sweden

Matilda Agdler ReGeneration 2030 board member ReGeneration Week 2024 coordinator

Matilda Agdler 


RGW24 coordinator

📍Copenhagen, Denmark

The Secretariat

The secretariat is the main executive power of the organisation, leading the organisation's projects, administrational and financial procedures and the partner network. 

Ugnė Budriūnaitė ReGeneration 2030 acting secretary general

Ugnė Budriūnaitė (she/her)



📍Vilnius, Lithuania

Vanessa Phekani ReGeneration 2030 head of operations and partnerships

Vanessa Phekani


Head of Operations and Partnerships

📍Oulu, Finland

Keira Dignan ReGeneration 2030 project coordinator

Keira Dignan 




📍Malmö, Sweden

Alva Danielsson ReGeneration 2030 movement coordinator

Alva Danielsson


Movement Coordinator

📍Umeå, Sweden

Working groups

Volunteers are the heart of the organisation, supporting the organisation's projects, communications and advocacy work.

ReGeneration Week 2024 working group

This working group recently created the content for the upcoming ReGeneration Week! In spring, the team will work on spreading the word about the festival among the youth and media of our region.

working group

This group focuses on advocacy communication, from writing position blogposts to making posts for social media on politics, climate issues, news from grassroots movements and many more.

Catalysts for Change working group

Last autumn this group designed a learning course for new motivated activists. In spring, we’ll be focusing on recruiting the participants and lecturers for the programme.



We have a range of partners involved in our projects and activities. Some organisations, want to take the cooperation to a new level and become core partners. Those are partners who want to cooperate with us on a long-term basis for a sustainable future.

We invite all organisations, networks or projects working with youth engagement and Agenda 2030 in the Nordic and Baltic Sea regions to become core partners to ReGeneration 2030. We are so much more powerful together! All our core partners get:

  • access to the partner network, where we share information, discuss activities and develop projects together,

  • invitations to represent the organisation at relevant events and festivals,

  • participant places on the ReGeneration Week,

  • opportunity to use our communication channels for international events, activities and advocacy.

If you’re interested in becoming a core partner, reach out to us at 

The core partnership is free of charge.

SDG 17 Partnerships for the Goals

Our core partners

Eesti Noorteühenduste Liit partner of ReGeneration 2030
Ungir Umhverfissinnar partner of ReGeneration 2030
Terram Pacis partner of ReGeneration 2030
United Nations Youth Associations of Denmark (UNYA DK) logo
Lithuanian Youth Council (LiJOT) partner of ReGeneration 2030
Nordic Youth Biodiversity Network (NYBN) partner of ReGeneration 2030
cirka cph partner of ReGeneration 2030
Åland natur & miljø partner of ReGeneration 2030
Emmaus Åland
People of 2050
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