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Here's the thing: The only thing that will change the status quo is a powerful people's movement.

That is why we need you! We need your help to mobilise youth within the Nordic and Baltic Sea regions. To make everyone feel like guardians of our common future.

If you feel like it, then you are a part of it. It is that easy, really!

ReGeneration Week 2022 participants

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What you can do

All of our main activities are guided and created by working groups. Those are led by the board members and supported by the Secretariat. At the moment we have:

ReGeneration Week 2024 working group

This working group recently created the content for the upcoming ReGeneration Week! In spring, the team will work on spreading the word about the festival among the youth and media of our region.

Advocacy working group

This group focuses on advocacy communication, from writing position blogposts to making posts for social media on politics, climate issues, news from grassroots movements and many more.

Catalysts for Change working group

Last autumn this group designed a learning course for new motivated activists. In spring, we’ll be focusing on recruiting the participants and lecturers for the programme.

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