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ReGeneration Week

ReGeneration Week is a powerful platform, which serves as a meeting place for young activists from the Nordic and Baltic Sea region. Since 2018, every August, we meet in Mariehamn, Åland to share strategies, knowledge, and experience in order to strengthen the overall climate action in the Nordic and Baltic Sea region. 

The cornerstone of ReGeneration Week is Intergenerational Dialogues, inviting the youth and executive decision-makers to sit at one table and discuss the greatest challenge of our times. Through the years, more than 200 high-level executives have accepted the opportunity to go into the dialogue with youth, including the EU Commissioner for Environment, Virginijus Sinkevičius. 

ReGeneration Week 2022 participants photo

ReGeneration Week is a powerful platform that


Fosters and highlights leadership


Strengthens and unites actors

Demands change


Facilitates action

The Summits

ReGeneration Week began as a 2-day Summit in 2018 organised when our organisation began as a project called “ReGeneration”. For three years, between 20 and 50 youth from around the region united under the ReGeneration umbrella to learn from sustainability experts in the field, with input from organisations like the Nordic Council of Ministers and IKEA.

In 2018, we adopted a manifesto, consisting of a vision, a demand section and a commitment section. The manifesto has since then served as the common strategic document for ReGeneration 2030’s advocacy.

The future is diverse - ReGeneration Week 2023 climate march

2021 - ReThinking the System

The theme for the ReGeneration Week 2021 was "ReThinking The System", which highlighted the need of a sustainable recovery after the pandemic. ReGeneration Week 2021 offered interactive lectures and workshops, intergenerational dialogues, and provided tools to contribute to a more sustainable life in connection to the five different domains in Anatomy of Action. 


ReGeneration Week culminated with a gala, where a Declaration, that the participants of ReGeneration Week were working on during the sessions, was handed over to decision-makers such as the EU Commissioner Virginijus Sinkevičius.

Some of the speakers at ReGeneration Week were Fairtrade Norway, Nordic Circular Hotspot, Fridays for Future, Greenpeace and John Nurminen Foundation, among others.

ReGeneration Week 2021
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2022 - ReShape the System

ReGeneration Week 2022 pride march

The theme of ReGeneration Week was ReShape the System. Building on the learnings from ReGeneration Week 2021, a group of ten youth from around the region spent the intervening year working together to form of Position Paper on the most important systemic changes that need to happen in our region to make it sustainable. These were structured by UNEP’s Anatomy of Action:

  • Food

  • Move

  • Stuff

  • Money

  • Fun


And reviewed and edited by sustainability experts in the field from our Partner Network.

2023 - Rising Tides, Rising Movements

The theme of ReGeneration Week 2023 was Rising Tides, Rising Movements. We believe that the youth movements are extremely important actors in the advocacy for the just green transition. Therefore, ReGeneration Week 2023 was fully dedicated to youth environmental movements. 

ReGeneration Week created the platform for youth social movements from our region to gather together and share strategies, knowledge, and experience in order to strengthen the overall climate action in the Nordic and Baltic Sea region.

“Have you thought about what specific action you can take where you live? –Join more activist groups in my city and take part in events happening locally (RGW23 gave me the push to do so!)”

–Anonymous volunteer

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