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Training youth activists to catalyse change

ReGeneration Week 2023 workshop
Photo credit: ReGeneration 2030

ReGeneration 2030 is once again gathering young activists from the Nordic and Baltic Sea region to learn and skill up through an online leadership programme. 

This year, 25 participants from the region were selected to undergo the course in catalysing positive change for climate. 

“The Catalysts for Change Programme brings together young activists from across the Nordic and Baltic Sea region, aiming at equipping, skilling, and educating the youth. It is essential that youth have the right tools and skillsets to be able to push for actual change”,- Emilia Nygård, Chairperson at ReGeneration 2030.

The Catalysts for Change programme was created and shaped by youth volunteers in the ReGeneration 2030 network, making the course created by youth, to youth. The programme is set to cover topics of climate change and system change, the power of activism as well as prepare participants with practical skills useful for activists. Throughout the course, participants will also engage in various activist initiatives in their communities and will carry out their own projects on climate action. 

Starting in April, the programme will reach its finale in August with a graduation ceremony at the ReGeneration Week 2024 in Åland Islands. 

“This programme is by youth, for youth: by designing and implementing projects in our local communities, we're not only gaining valuable experience but also making tangible contributions to sustainability efforts. This hands-on approach fosters a sense of agency and responsibility, instilling in us the belief that our actions truly can make a difference in shaping a better future for all",- Keira Dignan, Coordinator of the Catalysts for Change Programme. 

Catalysts for Change programme is implemented by ReGeneration 2030. In previous years, ReGeneration 2030 has built an awe-inspiring Youth Position Paper outlining how governments, companies, and civil society can make the big changes we need to see to bring a new system to life in our region.

ReGeneration 2030 is a democratic and youth-led organisation, mobilising youth climate activists and movements from the Nordic and Baltic Sea region. Want to join us? Fill out a volunteer application form here.


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