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ReGeneration Week 2023 Climate march

ReGeneration Week 2024

It’s time to Rethink, Reimagine, and Reclaim the future that is being taken away from us. We, the youth, are the activist generation, not by choice, but out of necessity. In our short lives, we’ve seen multiple global crises, environmental collapse, wars, and pandemics.

We have a right to imagine a future where everyone can flourish. And fight to reclaim it.

Join us on 9-13th August to Rethink and Reimagine the system and strategise to Reclaim it fast enough. Most importantly, prepare to win the fight of our lifetimes.

ReGeneration Week 2024 will include

Workshops, lectures and talks on defining and envisioning the system change

Panel discussions on the most pressing issues facing our generation

Intergenerational dialogues with powerful actors from across the region 

Networking with like-minded youth

Exploration of Ålands’ beautiful nature 

Throughout the week, we also will be creating an open letter to the regional and national policy-makers of the Nordic and Baltic Sea region. The letter will be democratically approved by the participants and signed by the supporting organisations and individuals. 

And a lot of music and fun! Join us, as an organisation, a movement, a group of friends or just as yourself. Let’s reclaim our future! 

ReGeneration Week 2024 is supported by

Main partners

Ålands Natur & Miljø partner of ReGeneration 2030
Bärkraft partner of ReGeneration 2030
Emmaus Åland partner of ReGeneration 2030
Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Lithuania partner of ReGeneration 2030
Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Latvia partner of ReGeneration 2030


Eesti Noorteühenduste Liit
partner of ReGeneration 2030
People of 2050 partner of ReGeneration 2030
Nordic Youth Biodiversity Network partner of ReGeneration 2030
Nordregio partner of ReGeneration 2030
Ungir Umhverfissinnar Ungir umhverfissinnar
United Nations Youth Association of Denmark (UNYA DK) partner of ReGeneration 2030
Lithuanian Youth Council (LiJOT) partner of ReGeneration 2030

Financial partners

Who are the organisers?

The main organisers of RGW24 are ReGeneration 2030 - a youth organisation, uniting young activists for sustainability from the Nordic and Baltic Sea region.
We are on a mission to build youth power across the Nordic and Baltic Sea region to push for a just sustainable transformation by 2030.

ReGeneration Week 2024 was designed by the ReGeneration Week 2024 working group, led by youth volunteers from the ReGeneration 2030 network.


Who can attend?

ReGeneration Week 2024 is open to all and free to attend for youth aged 15-30, living in the Nordic and Baltic Sea region. 

Attending as a group

We encourage you to come as a group - either a friend group, activist group, class from school or something else - to learn and mobilise together! But it's also totally OK to come by yourself - there will be lots of time and space to meet others and make friends.

Please note that everyone in your group still needs to fill out the sign-up form individually.

Volunteer at RGW24

Most participants in ReGeneration Week volunteer around 25% of their time, as well as participating. This is a wonderful chance to learn new skills and get to know other people from our region.

All volunteers can have their travel costs covered and are provided space to sleep for free.

Why are we in Åland?

Åland is a special place. It’s a collection of 6,757 islands in the middle of the Baltic Sea. It’s a part of Finland, to which our archipelago is connected by sea ice during the coldest parts of winter. The main language here, however, is Swedish, and this fact has led to some interesting and inspiring political formations that led our organisation to get started here.

Why are we in Åland, anyway?

Because of its status as a language minority area and its militarily strategic position, Åland is both demilitarised (no army is allowed here by international law) and autonomous (Åland has its own Parliament and makes its own laws on a number of issues). This makes democracy much more local than in much of the region, including a strong local press and court system. 

More about Åland: 
More information about the Everyone Can Flourish idea can be found here.

Åland Facts

Weather: Average for the Nordic and Baltic region. Expect temperatures between 18-25°C in the day and 12-15°C at night. 
Language: Swedish 
Currency: Euro €
Delicious local food: Ålands pancake, a thick pancake made in the oven out of rice and milk, served with cream and jam as an afternoon treat.
Most dangerous animal: the tick, a parasite that carries infectious diseases. Common in long grass - if you walk in nature, check your body for little black parasites and pluck them off if you find them. 

Travel to Åland

The best way to travel to Åland is by ferry. Information about how best to reach Åland can be found here.

Even though the island is accessible by plane, we strongly encourage you to choose a sustainable travel options when possible (ferry and train).

Practical info

Travel to Åland

Travelling to Åland is possible by ferry and plane. We strongly encourage you to choose the ferry option.


The tourist information on Åland have some great information on how to get there: 

Ferries are the best way to get to Åland. However, some ferry lines have rules about under 18s travelling - for example, they may require you to travel with an over 18. If you think you might encounter an issue, let us know by emailing us on!

Ferries from the Stockholm area

  • Eckerö Linjen – often the cheapest and fastest option. Includes a 2h bus from Stockholm central bus and train station which takes you directly onto the ferry. Then at the other end, from Eckerö to Mariehamn there is a 45 minute bus. Both buses can be booked at the same time as booking the ticket for the ferry.

  • Viking Line – from Stockholm harbour direct to Mariehamn. Check timetables here

  • Tallink also operates some crossings, so if you can’t find your perfect crossing through the others it is always worth searching here

Ferries from Finland

  • There are 2 different ferry lines to travel from Turku and Helsinki to Åland.

  • Viking line (timetable)

  • Tallink/Silja line (timetable)

Ferries from Estonia

  • Timetable for Tallink here

Ferries from Latvia/Lithuania

You can get a bus to Tallinn and then an overnight ferry to Åland for a smooth journey.

Main addresses

The main location of the event is the Youth Community Center Uncan.

Address:  8 Norra Esplanadgatan, Mariehamn 22100, Åland Islands


The organising team will contact you with information on your accommodation.


We have policies in place to guide how we interact and deal with relevant topics. This is to let you know that they exist and you can always refer to them; however, you do not need to read through them in detail nor memorise them (there will be printed copies at our main venues as well).


The programme will be clarified soon.


  • Will the participants get food?
    Simple breakfasts, lunches and dinners will be served during the event days. All food will be vegetarian or vegan. In the sign-up form, there is a space to let us know if you have any further dietary requirements and we will contact you to let you know if we cannot cater for your requirement. There are also two supermarkets and seven cafes within a ten-minute walk of our venues. You are more than welcome to head over there to grab a bite to eat if you don’t fancy what is on offer in-house, or if you just prefer something different. In a cafe, a lunchtime meal costs about 7-15€, and dinner costs around 15-25€
  • What should I bring?
    Regardless of where you are staying, some things are good to have! Rainwear (the weather can change quickly, there might be rain!) A piece of warm clothing to be able to be outside during the evening Comfortable shoes (to be able to walk 20 min) Suncream Swimwear (optional) Cup, plate and cutlery (marked with your name) if you can Protest sign/banner and megaphone (if you want to) for the climate march on Friday All food will be vegan, and pretty basic, so feel free to bring snacks if you know you need them. There are also good supermarkets close to our venues.
  • Is the event free?
    ReGeneration Week 2024 is open to all and free to attend for youth aged 15-30, living in the Nordic and Baltic Sea region. Travel and accommodation costs for volunteers and event facilitators will be covered by the organisers.
  • How do I get to Åland?
    The best way to travel to Åland is by ferry. Information about how best to reach Åland can be found here. Even though the island is accessible by plane, we strongly encourage you to choose sustainable travel options when possible (ferry and train).
  • Who can attend RGW24?
    ReGeneration Week 2024 is open to all and free to attend for youth aged 15-30, living in the Nordic and Baltic Sea region.



Åland partnerships and inquiries:

Programme and communications:

General questions and participants: 

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