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Milestone for ReGeneration 2030 - deciding on the roadmap for the next 3 years

Photo credit: Jessica Kleczka/ReGeneration 2030

After a series of workshops and discussions over the past year, ReGeneration 2030 is happy to announce the adoption of our strategy for 2024-2026!

The past 3 years were significant - we became an independent, fully youth-led Foundation. Throughout these three years, we also shaped our positions on key issues and adopted important documents - the Declaration (2021), which outlined the main problems of the current economic system, which is based on unlimited economic growth. The Position Paper (2022), the continuation of the Declaration, outlines how governments, businesses and civil society can drive systemic change, enabling our region to flourish within planetary boundaries. This democratically built and adopted document also marked a significant milestone for ReGeneration 2030 - a focus shift from consumer-level advocacy to systems change.

The process of shaping this new strategy lasted eight months and comprised three workshops and an uncountable number of discussions on big, sometimes existential, questions.

One of the key decisions that have been taken was to shift from calling ourselves a movement to becoming a youth organisation. However, this change in terminology does not mean a change in our values. As an organisation, we will remain true to our morals and principles and, most importantly, open to everyone wanting to join the fight for a just green transformation. We will keep working in a proudly democratic way, just as before.

"ReGeneration 2030 will remain an organization, but with the openness of movements, inviting everyone to join the fight for a just green transformation. I’m excited to be part of this journey and see how we can continue to learn, but also define our own strengths, values and measures of success",- Emilia Nygård, Chairperson of the Board.
Photo credit: ReGeneration 2030

A new strategic approach

This new focus requires a new look at how we can continue working most efficiently. That’s why the refined vision of ReGeneration 2030 is to reach climate and social justice through political and economic change in the Nordic and Baltic Sea region. In line with this vision, our mission is to build youth power across the Nordic and Baltic Sea region to push for a just sustainable transformation by 2030.

Our chosen means of achieving these objectives cover three different levels of influence: Showing solidarity and uniting climate activists, enabling critical education to sharpen the knowledge and skills of young change-makers and gaining both direct and indirect influence on policy-makers.

"Our three defined goals of "building bridges across borders and showing solidarity", "sharpening knowledge and skills" and "gaining indirect or direct influence on policy" will help to determine our capacity and impact. I am particularly looking forward to the new education programme, as I came into contact with ReGen through the last programme",- Ellen Fokuhl, Vice Chairperson of the Board.

The full adopted three-year strategy can be found here.

The way forward

The ReGeneration 2030 Foundation is a young organisation that is still looking for the best way to grow, become stronger and shoot for our goals. We’re constantly figuring out who we are and what our strategies should be. The largely, albeit not entirely, successful execution of our 2021-2023 strategy is a reflection of this. We’re still learning, finding our own values, strengths and measures of success.

Up until now, ReGeneration 2030 has continued to voice the urgency for a just and green transformation by the year 2030 everywhere we go, and we will continue doing so in the future. With the year 2030 approaching in less than six years, we need to urgently bring together our skills, knowledge, and strategies. Because only together can we win the fight of our lifetimes.

Our region, our future.

ReGeneration 2030 is a democratic and youth-led organisation, mobilising youth climate activists and movements from the Nordic and Baltic Sea region. Want to join us? Fill out a volunteer application form here.


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