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Here's the thing: The only thing that will change the status quo is a powerful people's movement.

That is why we need you! We want to be the movement of movements. To mobilise youth within the Nordic and Baltic Sea regions. To make everyone feel like guardians of our common future. 

If you feel like it, then you are a part of it. It is that easy, really!

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Become a member of a working group

Participate in our projects and events

Partner up with us

Each of our main activities are guided by working groups. These are a part of the secretariat and coordinated by the Secretary General. At the moment we have five.

  1. The Content Group of the ReGeneration Week

  2. The Steering Group of the Circulents Project

  3. The Communications Team

  4. The Declaration working group

  5. The Finance and Vision working group

Do not miss our application deadlines for our projects and events. In February, we will open our call to the Leadership programme on circular economy. In April, we will open the call for participation in the ReGeneration Week. 

The best way to keep posted on other events and meetings is to subscribe to our newsletter.

Are you a representative of an organisation working with Agenda 2030 and youth issues? Then, why don't you apply for becoming a core partner


For our projects and events, we welcome all organisations and businesses that share our vision.

Do you think we could be suitable in your project or event? Do not hesitate to reach out to us! 

Become a national representative

Start or join a local hub

Apply for the board

In order to become a strong youth movement in the region, we have to be present and active in all nations and autonomous regions. That is why we need national representatives, who coordinate the national partners and involved youth to push for a sustainable transformation. A strong and active mobilisation puts pressure on the national level. All national representatives will meet continuously in a representative's network.

Although we operate in a large region, it is our ambition that we establish local footholds. These platforms are engaged in our common projects and events. We call these local hubs, which are coordinated by the national representatives. Firstly, we welcome existing networks to reach out to us. You might be a youth group in your school, an activist network or representatives of different organisations in your community. Also, we are able to help you form new local hubs.

The chairperson and the board of the movement are elected during the Summit on an annual mandate period. The board is in charge of the strategic decisions and the supervision of the activities and meets once a month. 

You can apply to the board by filling the form below. The application will be handled by an Election Committee.

Organise an event

Find like-minded folks on our digital platform


Do you have ideas on events that you want to organise with us? Or do you want to reach out through our channels with your existing event? Perfect! We would be happy to make it a ReGeneration 2030 activity with our available resources and contacts. It could be an event that you host with our help or a larger push that requires funding which we could apply for if the board likes the idea! Just let us know! 

An active and vibrant movement needs to have a common digital platform. Therefore, we collaborate with the team behind ACTER. Here, you are able to get access to a discussion forum, a resource database, to search for people with specific professional skills, toolboxes and an overview of various funding opportunities. The best thing is that we and their other partners have made it possible for you to register for free.

We are only able to organise activities and uphold a secretariat because of our generous partners and funders. In order for us to realise our ambitious dreams of a strong youth movement for sustainability, we appreciate donations and campaigns that generate money for us. We are also very open about different forms of financial partnerships.

Please get in touch with us to know more.



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If you feel like it, then you are a part of it. We invite all youth in the Nordic and Baltic Sea regions to engage in our movement.
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