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Leadership program on circular economy: Meet the speakers!

As the application for the international leadership program in circular economy opened a couple of weeks ago, we are now happy to announce three powerful women who will be the speakers at the first digital meeting within this program.

The leadership program is a collaboration between ReGeneration 2030 and The Swedish Association of Responsible Consumption and consists of a four-block digital education concept. This program aims at uniting young people across the Nordic and Baltic Sea regions to learn about circular economy and empower youth to take action. At the first block of this program, with the theme "Sustainable and Circular Lifestyle", three impactful women within the sustainability sector will be speaking. Below you find a little introduction to each one of them!

Liisa Aavik

Liisa is an entrepreneur from Estonia currently involved in circular economy research. In 2017, she wanted to experiment with zero waste living for a week and now, in 2021, is one of the most well-known low waste lifestyle bloggers in Estonia. She was awarded as the best lifestyle blogger of Estonia in 2020 by a local magazine Nipiraamat. She has now presented zero waste and low waste lifestyle to thousands of people in Estonia and abroad. In her talks, Liisa shares actionable steps and her own experiences on how you can take back control of your environmental impact and even make changes on a bigger scale.

Alexandra Davidsson

Alexandra Davidsson is the Secretary General of the Swedish Association for Responsible Consumption, a non-profit working to raise awareness of how consumers’ can make more sustainable and circular choices. She is ranked as #56 of most influential in Sustainability in Sweden 2021. Recently named one of Sweden's most exciting sustainability talents 2020 by the magazine "Aktuell Hållbarhet". Ranked as one of the Female Leaders of the Future 2020 by Sweden’s professional organization for executives – Ledarna, 2020. Ranked as #24 of 100 Greenest Board Members by Fairforce. Alexandra has great experience within national and international humanitarian work and has held over 500 lectures within Circular Economy, Sustainable Consumption, Gender and Human Rights.

Elin Bergman

Elin is the COO of the newly started company Sweden Circular Hotspot, vice chairman of the Swedish circular economy network Cradlenet and one of the founders and managing partners of Nordic Circular Hotspot. She has also worked many years until recently as the circular economy expert at WWF Sweden. She is often called the “Circular economy queen of Sweden”.

Are you interested to participate in the Leadership program on circular economy? Click here to read more and apply!


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