"We are not only consumers, we are Circulents!"


The linear economy has to stop if we are to achieve the 17 sustainable development goals (SDG:s) in Agenda 2030. Advocating SDG 12 - sustainable production and consumption - is key to transform the way in which society is organized. Promoting circular practices such as repairs, reuse, zero waste, and rental systems will push for a larger change. Youth are increasingly becoming spin-doctors in this field. We have to take this engagement to a larger level. 


Therefore, a leadership program was created by ReGeneration 2030 and The Swedish Association for Responsible Consumption with support from The Nordic Council of Ministers, and conducted during the spring of 2021. The Leadership Program was aimed at uniting young people across the Nordic and Baltic Sea regions to learn about circular economy and empower youth to take action.


The term “circulent” was coined by The Swedish Association for Responsible Consumption (Medveten Konsumtion) who will have an integral part in the educational and inspirational sessions during the distance course. The term points out that we have to reshape and reinvent the model of consumption which will push businesses to change their models too. We are not only consumers - we are #circulents. 


The leadership program was divided into four blocks: sustainable lifestyle, entrepreneurship, political advocacy, and systems thinking. For each block, experts and moderators were invited to present information on the topic and aid discussion and workshops among the participants.

A very dedicated group participated in this program and held a session during the ReGeneration Week 2021. Now, they have created their own website and an eight-theme action plan, check it out!


"Young circularity leaders all around from the Baltic Sea region are concerned about climate change and the passiveness of action to stop it. We created an eight-theme action plan on how to begin the change. So, get inspired and join the circle!

This eight-theme action plan tackles areas in which change is necessary. We encourage you to get inspired and start promoting our suggestions as a way to spread the message of circular economy to your local political leaders, businesses, and society. It’s not too late to join the circle."


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