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Online workshop on how to engage people in eco-volunteering

12-19 April 2021 Clean Games NGO will host a free online-workshop on hosting environmental competitions and invites activists and NGOs from Belarus, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Ukraine to participate.

Clean Games are team-based competitions in cleaning green and coastal territories from garbage and waste sorting. The participants use a mobile app, for them, it’s a Pokemon Go with picking up litter. Since 2014 more than 1000 game events were held in 20 countries across the globe. Up to 1500 participants can participate in an event and collect up to 20 tons of garbage in 1 hour. Averagely, a participant collects 10 times more than on an ordinary cleanup.

One can learn how to hold Clean Game events on the online workshop. Attendees will get to know gamified cleanups format, will learn how to work with the Clean Games mobile app and website, run negotiations, and attract a wider audience, media, brands, and local administration.

In the end, every attendee will host a test game event for friends and family, will get access to the Clean Games knowledge base, and will be invited to become one of the organizers within the annual Clean Games Baltic Cup with reimbursement for this event's expenses. The tournament will be held for the third time on World Cleanup Day, on 18 September 2021.

Schedule and registration form are available under the link:

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