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Now hiring: Project Coordinator

Practical details

Location: Anywhere in the Nordic and Baltic Sea region, some travel to Åland and Helsinki required

Reporting to: ReGeneration 2030 Secretary-General

Hours: 2-3 days a week depending on your availability and skills (discuss in interview),

Start date: August/September 2022. If you can come to ReGeneration Week 2022 to meet everyone in person and see out biggest annual event then that is a huge plus!

Salary and benefits: In line with our values, Finnish trade union law and and subject to location

Application instructions: please fill out this form. Scroll to the bottom of this document to see the questions we will ask you.

Application timeline:

  • Accepting applications till 4th of August, 2022

  • Offer interviews: 5th-10th of August 2022

  • Interviews online via Zoom: 8th-12th of August, 2022

  • Job offer: 19th of August, 2022

  • ReGeneration Week 2022: 27th-31st of August, 2022 (fantastic if you can come but of course not compulsory)

Role description

As ReGeneration 2030’s Project Coordinator, you will do the practical work to help the youth movement achieve our goals: making sustainable production and consumption the new norm in the Nordic and Baltic Sea region and accelerating the just sustainable transition through youth action.

You will work with the volunteer team and the rest of the secretariat. Your role will be a key one: organising education programmes, running in-person meet-ups and actions, and performing vital background organisational tasks that allow the movement to flourish both socially (by coordinating communication between people) and bureaucratically (by coordinating financial and legal processes).

Your role in our movement will be, to some extent, flexible: you can split your responsibilities with the rest of the secretariat based on your skills and desires. If you have a particular interest or ability in one area over another, please let us know in your application.

Coordinating an online education programme for youth about sustainability

  • Lead in designing and running accessible and empowering application processes

  • Spread news of the programme (alongside the volunteer communications group)

  • in organising meetings with our partners to gain insight and advice

  • Lead in the operation of the practical framework for the education programme (sending invitations and information)

  • Support in the facilitation of the education programme

  • Coordinate participants and guest speakers

  • Assist in securing interesting guest speakers

Supporting the Secretary-General in coordinating a youth sustainability movement

Financial and legal procedures

  • Lead the financial and legal record-keeping

  • Search for funding opportunities alongside the volunteer finance working group and the volunteer treasurer (and support them in their volunteering)

  • Write grant reports and grant applications

  • Analyse opportunities to further develop the movement and push for a just sustainable transition

Volunteer support and movement coordination

  • Assist in supporting the volunteer working groups, including developing inclusive and liberatory working structures

    • The relevant working groups for this role are: finance and vision, Nordic Circular Hotspot, ReGeneration Week 2023

    • There are also opportunities for you to work with the communications working group and the circulents working group

  • Assist in supporting the youth board in their strategic decision making

Coordinating a youth sustainability festival

  • Support in designing an inclusive, empowering and impactful ReGeneration Week alongside the youth working groups, board and other ReGeneration 2030 workers

  • Lead in practical coordination tasks such as booking and communicating with vendors, accommodation, venues, travels etc.

  • Shared responsibility in communicating and coordinating outsourcing/contractors involved with projects

What we are looking for:

Essential skills and experience

We think these are really important to perform this role well:


  • English (written and spoken, both in formal and informal settings)

Organisational skills

  • You’re really organised and pay lots of attention to details

  • You’ve got more than 1 year’s experience being responsible for an organisation or group’s finances

    • Especially good if this was for a grassroots movement

Knowledge of the sustainability/climate movement

  • More than 1 year of experience working or volunteering with youth movements, activist groups and/or NGOs fighting for climate justice or social justice

    • Especially good if this was related to big events and/or educational programmes

  • A good understanding of the core motors behind climate collapse and our unsustainable world system, and the way that people’s movements can fight it

Good-to-have skills and experience

These will help you to perform this role, but please still apply even if you don’t have any of them!


  • Swedish

  • Finnish

  • Any other language spoken in the Nordic and Baltic Sea region

Experience in work or activism:

  • A good feel for making people feel included, relaxed and welcome

  • Experience building movement knowledge

  • Organised and confident coordinating other workers, volunteers and subcontractors

  • Experience designing or running inclusive education programmes, including:

    • Application processes

    • In-person workshops

    • Online workshops

  • Experience running online meetings in an inclusive and democratic way

Knowledge of NGOs/Foundations in the Nordic and Baltic Sea region

  • More than 1 year of experience building NGO/social movement partnerships (particularly helpful if that's in the Nordic and Baltic Sea region)

  • More than 1 year of experience coordinating a project

  • More than 1 year of experience fundraising

    • Particularly helpful if this was in Finland/Sweden and involving grants

  • Experience working or volunteering in communications

    • Particularly helpful if this involved building or maintaining websites or social media

Justice and equality

We know that people from certain backgrounds are under-represented in the movement for sustainability and we’re committed to doing what we can to correct this. We are particularly keen to receive applications from migrants; Black, Asian and minority ethnic people; people with disabilities; people who identify as being LGTBQIA; and people from a working-class background.


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