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Developing tools for climate action

Youth are increasingly coming up with solutions to combat climate change. We want to scale that up. ReGeneration 2030 has therefore agreed to participate in a research project application to the EU with our involvement focusing on youth engagement in the transition to a climate neutral society.

JUSTCOMMIT (CO-developMent of tools for navigating behavioral dynaMIcs for a JUST and Transformative climate action) is a project bringing together the Wegener Centre for Climate and Global Change at the University of Graz (Austria) and Stockholm Environment Institute (Sweden) along with other partners from all around Europe.

The application has been submitted for the European Green Deal Call within the Horizon 2020 programme and aims to bring people and organisations to climate decision-making and research, to identify differing patterns of energy and resource use between different groups in society and how those groups are able to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

ReGeneration 2030 is joining as a youth movement with its expertise in the area of activating citizens to act and enabling collaboration between civil society, business, and governmental organisations for a transformative change.

If successful, ReGeneration 2030 will support the organization of two JUSTCOMMIT Tool Testing Workshops that will be organized during our ReGeneration Week in 2023 and 2024. ReGeneration 2030 will also support the development of the tools and pilot-testing them within the movement more generally.

Alix Gabaude, 24, ReGeneration 2030 board member and contact person with JUSCOMMIT is very enthusiastic about the project:

“There is a great need for more interactions between academia and the civil society to fight against climate change and being able to bring a youth perspective to this project is exciting.”

Alix continues:

“If this project is successful, it will be a learning opportunity for everyone involved and a new step for the movement in reaching new partners and bringing new perspectives to the young people involved in ReGeneration 2030!”

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