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Clean Games Workshop Has Changed the Baltic Activists Idea on How to Hold eco-events

Activists of the Baltic region have held 8 ecological competitions in waste collecting and sorting after the Clean Games workshop. They have become a part of the global project community. Now they are ready to organize competition in their cities on their own. The participants will take part in holding the Clean Games Baltic Cup in September.

The workshop has united more than 50 eco-activists from Sweden, Germany, Latvia, Denmark, Lithuania, Poland, Estonia, Finland, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and even hot Cameroon!

The goal of the educational program is to engage the activists in global network and cooperation for solving ecological and social problems. For only a week the workshop students learned how to work with the Clean Games methodology and IT-platform. At the end of the webinar series they organized 8 test games for their friends and colleagues. Regardless of the thousand-kilometres distance, the workshop has helped the volunteers to find like-minded people from home cities and countries.

On the first day the participants tried themselves in playing Clean Games and competed in cleaning city streets and their flats. “In the beginning I doubted whether we will persuade our participants to be responsible, complete the hometasks and listen to webinars throughout the working days. But our volunteers were really enthusiastic about the work and managed to cope”, - shared her initial fears Jane Demina, the workshop coordinator.

Sofia from Latvia had to play solely, as none of her friends came to the game. She has cleaned a picturesque lake, got to know local swans, and now wants to conduct a Clean Game for all Rauma residents.

“I will invite many more people caring about the ecology. For my small game I found so much garbage that it will be enough even for a hundred of participants!”

Katarina and Julia from Tampere, Finland, were working on the game together. Katarina is a representative of the BLOOM community which helps the locals to adapt to the community and feel comfortable in the city. Julia already knows that would be happy to continue working with BLOOM.

“We have had only a week for preparation, and this was definitely not enough: we wanted to hold so many activities, invite a lot of participants and create the program. But everything is ahead!” - shared Magdalena from Stockholm.

Clean Games are held in 21 countries by the community activists. Thanks to the workshop the eco-volunteers` team was expanded. Now they will organize real games in their cities. And on the 18th of September, on the World Clean Day, everybody will be able to hold games within the third international Clean Games Baltic Cup.

Information on the Clean Games Baltic Cup:

Clean Games Baltic Cup is an annual tournament for all Baltic region residents. The first Cup was organized in 2019 in Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Belarus and Ukraine. In 2020 7 countries took part: Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Poland and Belarus. 24 games have already taken place in the tournaments.

Information on the Clean Games project:

Clean Games are team competitions in waste collecting and sorting. During games players use our mobile app - just like Pokemon Go. Since 2014 more than 1000 games have taken place in 20 countries. Up to 1500 people take part in one game and collect 20 tons for an hour. On average a player collects 10 times more waste during Clean Games than during traditional clean-ups.


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