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Action should be now: We are expanding our community

As ReGeneration 2030s actions and activities towards a sustainable future are expanding - so are we. A warm welcome to our new communications intern, Jessica Brunnberg!

With a background in Development Studies, Jessica is currently pursuing a Master’s degree at Stockholm’s University in Political Science, with a specialization in environmental social science. She emphasizes notions of environmental justice as the ultimate driving force behind her own engagement, while also being passionate about sustainability and multilevel governance. According to Jessica, voices of civil society - especially young people, can bring the necessary change to transform our society into a sustainable one.

I think we can all agree that there is an urgent need to take action, change our behaviours and patterns of thought about how to structure our daily life. This requires collective action taking. Civil society voices can, and should - no longer be excluded from politics and decision-making.

Jessicas has several years of experience within the sustainability field and youth engagement in Sweden. Whereas her initial focus was social injustice and integration, she has the last years worked through the channels of the UN Association of Sweden as both Ambassador and Coach for the Sustainable Development Goals. She strongly advocates for a global and interdisciplinary understanding of sustainability and stresses the need for platforms where passionate and ambitious individuals can meet and interact.

The SDGs are a framework we can rely on in order to steer our society into the right direction, but it requires multilevel governance. In this, ReGeneration 2030 can play a crucial role. I’m extremely excited to be part of this dynamic team. ReGeneration 2030 engage in concrete action and I’m eager to communicate their mission: youth empowerment, sustainable development, and re-structure of our current patterns of consumption and production!

Jessica will during a 10 week period assist the Communications Manager and Secretary General in the daily work, participate in meetings, update communication platforms and participate in ReGeneration 2030s ongoing projects.


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