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A big step for the movement

The ReGeneration 2030 movement is growing as we appoint Ella Turta as our new permanent Secretary General. Expanding the secretariat is an important step in the movement’s history and a prerequisite for both developing and strengthening it.

2020 marks the year when the ground was laid for launching the ReGeneration 2030 Foundation. The young people behind this movement are now more than ready to fulfil our stated mission to mobilise a strong youth movement in the Nordic and Baltic Sea regions. Having a permanent Secretary General is for our chairperson, Bára Örk Melsted, an important milestone for the ReGeneration 2030 movement:

As we are an ambitious movement, the Secretary General is an important role in facilitating the realisation of our goals. We owe our success to passionate people who take action. Employing a permanent Secretary General acknowledges how far we have come and sets ground for further growth of the movement, engaging more people on all levels.

Ella Turta has operated both within civil society and in public administration and will soon hold a Master in Political Science. A common thread throughout her work has been advocating for the importance of strong youth participation in decision-making. Ella has experience from leading a youth organization when she has previously served as the chairperson for the Sweden Finnish Youth Organisation. She is passionate about Nordic cooperation and familiar with working within the Nordic-Baltic context.

I’m extremely excited about getting to work for an organization with such an important role in empowering and mobilising the youth of the Nordic and Baltic Sea Regions for a sustainable future. I look forward to working together with the fantastic ReGeneration 2030 team with realizing by far the largest and most powerful ReGeneration Week.

Ella is strongly convinced about the importance of value-based leadership and in her role as Secretary General for the ReGeneration 2030 movement, she is looking forward to creating structures that stimulate engagement and empower broad and just participation.

It is an honour to get to lead the movement into its next era as a foundation. An important part of my work will be to create structures and strategies that allow the ReGeneration 2030 movement to grow and gain larger influence.

As things are in full swing for mobilizing our forces and preparing both for the ReGeneration Week and for our soon to be launched Leadership Program for Circular Economy, we are happy to welcome Ella into our team!

I am excited to have Ella on board so that we can work more strategically towards our goals. I am sure that she will excel in the role, says our chairperson Bára Örk Melsted.

Ella Turta takes over as the Secretary General on the 1st of February. Simon Holmström who has served as Acting Secretary General since September will continue his active devotion to the movement as a board member and as a member in several working groups.

The Secretary General is in charge of the Foundation’s operations and supervises all projects, working groups, partner network and national representatives. The Secretary General is also responsible for coordinating the partner network.

For more information, please contact

Bára Örk Melsted:

Tel: +46 70 6202 146


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