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 The team

The board makes strategic decisions and supervises the movement's activities and the Secretary General. The board is elected by the Summit on an annual mandate.


Emilia Nygård



Stockholm, Sweden / Helsinki, Finland

Emilia is a graduate student at Stockholm University with an interdisciplinary background. Her main focus lies on the fashion industry and sustainability, however, currently studying Political Science and Environmental Social Science. Originally from Finland, she moved to Stockholm in 2016 pursuing her studies and has during her time in Stockholm been engaged in the Sustainergies Academy; a case-based education in sustainability for students. 


Her main interests within sustainability issues are fashion and water related issues, such as the cotton industry, microplastic pollution and wastewater treatment. For the past year, Emilia acted as the vice chairperson for ReGeneration 2030 and wants to continue working for this region and for a just future.


Board members.


Ellen Fokuhl

Vice chair


Northern Germany / Copenhagen, Denmark

Ellen is in the midst of finishing her Bachelor degree in International Business Administration & Entrepreneurship and Ecological Restoration. Her Minor initiated her passion for old food varieties and pollinators. She is advocating for climate and biodiversity issues through an interdisciplinary lens. Ellen joined ReGen through participating & graduating the Circular Leadership programme in 2022. Since then she has been an active volunteer within the movement e.g. planning ReGeneration Week 2023 in the respective working group.  

She looks forward to spreading the sense of hope and community she gained from ReGen and share it with more youth and partners in the Nordics and Baltic Sea region. As well as contributing with her expertise in sustainable entrepreneurship, biodiversity and youth representation to strengthen our movement & the intergenerational dialogue. 

Frida Gustafsson.PNG

Frida Gustafsson



Stockholm, Sweden

Frida is a Community Organiser and experienced changeleader from youth and climate movements in Sweden and the UK. She studies a Masters at Stockholm University,  and would love to tell you all about her two cats. Frida is passionate about relational change work: i.e. how we can achieve change through building meaningful relationships and networks. This way, groups who lack socio-economic power can put pressure on decision makers - to demand and achieve meaningful change. She regularly hosts workshops for activists and youth organisations on campaign strategy, relational change work and Community Organising.


Matilda Agdler

RGW24 coordinator


Copenhagen, Denmark

Matilda is currently a masters student of Linguistics in Copenhagen and brings her interest in international communication, collaboration and organisation to the board and her drive to fight for a sustainable, livable future to the ReGeneration movement. Originally from Sweden, she has been part of the ReGeneration 2030 for some time, and strongly believes in the inclusion of people from all different educational, geographical and societal backgrounds in the fight against climate change.


As a member of the previous ReGeneration 2030 board, Matilda acted as the coordinator between the volunteers and the secretariat who shaped and organised ReGeneration Week 2023. Looking ahead to the next two years, she’s excited about continuing to work with ReGeneration Week and other events, as well as broadening and strengthening ReGeneration 2030’s network of other youth and social movements.


Beata Ščiuko

Advocacy Coordinator


Kraków, Poland

Beata is a Lithuanian currently living in Kraków, Poland. She joined ReGeneration 2030 after participating and later graduating from the Leadership Programme in Circular Economy last year. Beata holds a degree in Culture and Media Management and joins ReGeneration 2030 board this year as Communication & Advocacy working group coordinator, where she hopes to use both her skills and experience in the field to make some serious waves of change in the region. 

vio pro pic-min.jpeg

Violetta Massala

Partners Coordinator


Turku, Finland


Douglas Malm Rath

Partners Coordinator



Natalia Mrowczynska.heic

Natalia Mrówczyńska

Board Member


London, UK

General board member

Board member

Turku, Finland 

Originally from the Åland Islands, Johanna is on her very final stretch of her Master’s in Public International Law at Åbo Akademi University in Turku, Finland. During the pandemic, Johanna became active in ReGeneration 2030 through volunteering. As a board member, she is happy to be able to continue her work for the movement and its future – now from the movement’s very core. As for sustainability topics, Johanna is interested in the relationship between human rights and sustainability as well as making sustainability a norm, while respecting the diversity of people and nature.

Violetta is an Economist and  M.Sc. She is currently working as a sustainability specialist at an engineering consulting firm. She has been with ReGeneration for a couple of years, and returned to the board after some time. Hailing from Finland, she is a fervent advocate for addressing pressing global issues such as climate change and promoting sustainability. With a strong belief in the power of science and meaningful dialogue, Violetta actively engages in discussions surrounding climate adaptation, circular economy, and sustainable practices. Her mission extends to the industrial sector, where she champions for sustainable practices and strives to drive positive change.

Douglas is a climate justice activist who until the fall of 2023 was based in Trollhättan, Sweden. He’s got a bachelor’s degree in sociology (but is equally interested in economic stuff). After two years of engagement in different climate justice movements working both at the local and national level, he decided that moving to Stockholm would make for an interesting change. Currently doing a Master’s degree in applied social research, partly with the goal of figuring out how the social sciences could be more emancipatory and a driver of cultural and political change. 


After being introduced relatively late to ReGeneration2030, he found himself inspired by the focus on strategy and alliance-building. Therefore, he’s excited to form connections with other social movements in the Baltic region and figuring out how collective action (s) can be organised to further goals of climate and social justice.

Natalia’s background is in research, climate advocacy and policymaking, in particular, working on sustainable development policy design. Her climate advocacy has centred on systemic change and strengthening youth’s voice in European policy response to the climate crisis. Natalia holds an MPhil from Cambridge University, where she studied the links between the climate crisis and the current economic system. She previously completed a BSc in Politics and International Relations at the London School of Economics.

The Secretariat.


Ugnė Budriūnaitė




Vilnius, Lithuania

Ugnė is a climate justice activist from Lithuania and a former chairperson of the board of ReGeneration 2030. She also holds a bachelor's degree in political science with a focus on social politics from Vilnius University. Ugnė’s main goals are to use the platform of ReGeneration 2030 to inspire and catalyze climate action locally in areas of our region, where youth are struggling to mobilize and to strengthen the voice of Baltic youth in the movement.


Tel.: +370 64391943

best one.jpg

Keira Dignan

Project Coordinator


Malmö, Sweden

Keira Dignan is a climate justice activist who cut her teeth campaigning against the fossil fuel industry in the UK. Keira was part of the student team that campaigned to divest the University of Cambridge’s €7.5bn endowment from fossil fuels. She has since worked in Athens, Greece where she ran a mobile library serving refugee camps and fought against the social and economic exclusion of refugees and migrants in Europe. Keira now lives in Malmö, Sweden.



Vanessa Phekani

Head of Operations and Partnerships


Oulu, Finland

Vanessa holds a Master of Education from Oulu University, specializing in Education and globalization. She has 10 years’ of experience working with local and international development organizations, particularly in the areas of youth, immigrants, project design, public policy development, sustainable development, and Social Justice. Vanessa has coordinated projects with different stakeholders in Malawi, Kenya, and Finland, as well as collaborating remotely with partner organizations in South Africa, Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Norway.



Alva Danielsson

Movement Coordinator


Umeå, Sweden

Alva is a climate justice activist in Fridays For Future who’s been school-striking since 2019. Having been organizing and mobilizing the grassroot movement both in her hometown and on a national level in Sweden, she approaches her work in ReGeneration 2030 with the aspect of people power and climate justice. Alva is currently living in Umeå, as a biology student, and is also coordinating the Climate Live Sweden project where the participants take advantage of the power of music to build momentum and push for change.



Become part of a working group.

Each of our main activities is guided by working groups and anyone with an interest in the focus area of the working group can join. Being part of a working group is a great way to be engaged in the ReGeneration 2030 movement. As a part of a working group, you get to work together with a team of young people and develop and gain new skills. Drop us a line at if you are interested! To learn more about the working groups, read the descriptions below.

The ReGeneration Week content group.

This group is responsible for designing our annual event, the ReGeneration Week. This includes deciding the agenda with its structure, methods and invited guests and designing the guidelines for admission of participants. The group does not decide on matters of personnel or financial resources. You should join the group if you want to take part in planning a high-level event!

The Communications Team.

This group is responsible for crafting content on the external communication channels (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube), newsletter and website. The work is carried out according to the strategic documents decided by the board. The group can assist in the revision of strategic documents relating to communications (for instance graphic profile, communication strategy or logotype). Are you passionate about visuals and graphic material, or perhaps see yourself the next as a sustainability star-writer? Then the communications team is right for you!

The Position Paper Working Group.

The Declaration that was adopted during the ReGeneration Week 2021 forms the basis for the movement’s future activities. The working group will build on the declaration with five position papers in the behavioral domains Food, Stuff, Move, Money and Fun. Join this group to propose concrete suggestions towards a more sustainable future!

The finance and vision working group.

This working group is creating and finding funding opportunities for the movement. Apart from a fantastic chance to work with an influential youth movement, we offer you a volunteer position where you can develop your skills in application writing, finances and international cooperation.  You don't need any prior knowledge but in this group you'll get to contribute to expanding and strengthening the ReGeneration 2030!


If you feel like it, then you are a part of it. We invite all youth in the Nordic and Baltic Sea regions to engage in our movement.
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