The team

The board makes strategic decisions and supervises the movement's activities and the Secretary General. The board is elected by the Summit on an annual mandate.

Board members.

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Violetta Massala


Lappeenranta, Finland

Violetta is a Regeneration Economist, born in the magical land of Kazakhstan, and now living in Finland. She makes it her mission to find solutions to the problems that face our world and how to be moving into a sustainable future. Whether it is to change the business model towards more sustainability or solve a business case for the company that wishes to go green, she takes pride in providing the best service she can promptly and bravely to make a change - one step at a time.

Isaac Parkes

Vice chair

Mariehamn, The Åland Islands

Isaac is currently living on the Åland islands, undertaking a volunteering project through the European Solidarity Corps. He is originally from England, where he graduated from the University of Bristol with a bachelor’s degree in economics, focusing on environmental economics. Daily, he works with environmental and social development organisations such as ABF-Åland, Ålands Natur och Miljö and SKUNK. He is especially interested in sustainable development and is driven to make sustainable living equally accessible to all members of society.


Bára Örk Melsted

Board member

Hólmavik, Iceland

Bára is currently studying a bachelor's in Psychology. She has a great passion for arts and an interest in combining both art and psychology to deal with environmental and social challenges as well as the system change we need to achieve the SDG’s. During the past few years, Bára has been active in community theaters and student organisations whilst being an active citizen on multiple levels related to sustainability. 

Jessica Brunnberg

Board member

Stockholm, Sweden

Jessica is pursuing a master’s degree in Environmental Social Science at Stockholms University. With prior experience within youth engagement and the SDGs, she is now doing an internship working with the preparations for Stockholm+50. With a passion for more inclusive democratic processes, multilevel governance and environmental justice  - she believes youth can bring the changes necessary to transform our society into a sustainable one.

Nikolai Fedostsev

Board member

St. Petersburg, Russia

Nikolai was born in central Russia and is now graduating in Philology in Saint-Petersburg. He also works as an English Teacher, helping students to pass exams successfully in order to get into university. He has a great passion for literature and environmental changes. As a new board member, he’s looking forward to rethinking the system and to making sure that being sustainable will be a new trend in 2022.

Judit Olofsson

Board member

Visby, Sweden

Judit holds a Bachelors in European Studies and a Masters in Management, and now works as an administrative official for the Swedish Enforcement Authority on Gotland. She has previously worked with sustainability through Sustainergies Academy and has also completed a course in Green Business Strategy offered by HKUST on Coursera. Judit has previously been active in different student and youth organisations and firmly believes in the ability of young people to make real change happen.

Olga Sobota

Board member

Krakow, Poland

Olga has a bachelor degree in Environmental Conservation and MSc in Evolutionary biology, focusing on climate change-driven changes in ecosystems. She has been involved in the Baltic University Programme, local initiatives and Regeneration 2030 since the very beginning. She has gained experience working in the field in research projects and continues to learn more and also educate others, especially the Sustainable Development Goals that are the closest to her heart - life on land, below water and climate action.

Johanna Ekebom

Board member

Helsinki, Finland 

 ​​While originally from the Åland Islands, Johanna now resides in Helsinki, Finland. She is on her very final stretch of her Master’s in public international law, hoping to hold her finished thesis in her hands very soon. During the pandemic, Johanna became active in ReGeneration 2030 through volunteering. As a board member, she is happy to be able to carry on with her work for the movement and its future – now from the movement’s very core. Johanna is interested in the relationship between human rights and sustainability as well as making sustainability a norm, while respecting the diversity of people and nature.

The Secretariat.

Ella Turta

Secretary General

Gothenburg, Sweden

Originally from Finland, Ella is now living in Sweden finishing her Master’s studies in Political Science at the university of Gothenburg. Professionally, Ella has operated both within civil society and in public administration and a common thread throughout her work has been advocating for the importance of strong youth participation in decision-making. Ella has experience from leading a youth organization and with a strong belief in value-based leadership she strives for creating organizational structures that stimulate engagement and empower broad and just participation.

Email: ella@regeneration2030.org

Tel: +46 70 6202 146

Nora Hattar

Communications Manager

Stockholm, Sweden

Nora has recently finished her bachelor’s degree in human rights from Lund University in Sweden. She also holds a diploma in events management from APM College of Business and Communications in Sydney. With a big passion for corporate social responsibility and global sustainability and especially sustainable production and consumption related to human rights, the environment, and the economy, she strives to highlight this topic in everything that she does. Nora has experience from working with the youth both professionally and as a volunteer within the civil society. She strongly believes in empowering the youth to make a change and collaborating between international borders in order to realise Agenda 2030.

Email: nora@regeneration2030.org

Tel: +46 730 738 498

Become part of a working group.

Are you interested in joining a working group?

Being part of a working group is a great way to be engaged in the ReGeneration 2030 movement. You can for example join the communications team, the ReGeneration Week working group, or a working group for the proposition papers. Drop us a line at info@regeneration2030.org if you are interested! To learn more about the working groups, read the descriptions below.


The ReGeneration Week content group.

This group is responsible for designing the ReGeneration Week 2022. This includes deciding the agenda with its structure, methods and invited guests and the guidelines for admission of participants. The group does not decide on matters of personnel or financial resources.

The Communications Team.

This group is responsible for crafting content on the external communication channels (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube), newsletter and website. The work is carried out according to the strategic documents decided by the board. The group can assist in the revision of strategic documents relating to communications (for instance graphic profile, communication strategy or logotype).

The Circulents Team.

The group works with advocating the action plan that the participants of the Leadership Programme on Circular Economy created. This eight-theme action plan tackles areas in which change is necessary. The circulents team encourages young people to get inspired and start promoting their suggestions as a way to spread the message of circular economy to local political leaders, businesses, and society. The team also contributes to the content of the  “Circulents - the new consumers” leadership programme. 

The Declaration Working Group.

The Declaration that was adopted during the ReGeneration Week 2021 forms the basis for the movement's future activities. It will be finalized during fall 2021 with five position papers in the behavioral domains Food, Stuff, Move, Money and Fun. These position papers will include concrete suggestions towards a more sustainable future. 

The finance and vision working group.

Do you want to contribute to expanding and strengthening the ReGeneration 2030. In this working group, you will be looking, create and find funding opportunities for the movement. Apart from a fantastic chance to work with an infulential youth movement, we offer you a volunteer position where you can develop your skills on application writing, finances and international cooperation. You do not need any prior knowledge. 


If you feel like it, then you are a part of it. We invite all youth in the Nordic and Baltic Sea regions to engage in our movement.


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