ReGeneration 2030 Summits

The annual Summit of ReGeneration 2030,  is a meeting place where young people from the Nordic and Baltic Sea regions get together to discuss and propose solutions to reach the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs). While creating a platform and a movement for solutions and learning across generations, the participants have the opportunity to meet and discuss solutions with key stakeholders of society. The meetings are usually held on Åland Island. Due to COVID-19 this year we will instead meet online and in local hubs.  


During the first Summit in 2018, the participants together created a manifesto of solutions and messages that is being shared with politicians and important stakeholders of society. The manifesto lays the base for the creation of a continuous Action Plan to attain the vision - a plan that is not limited to the Summits but that continues throughout the year and where everyone in society can get involved. The Manifesto serves the base for the movement and will be developed each year. 

After the Summits, the participants will continue the work in our respective countries by creating a common action plan for how young people can collaborate across borders and learn from each other on issues of sustainability and development - and create a common identity throughout the region. 

Who and where? 

We welcome teenagers and young adults, 15-29 years old, of the Nordic and Baltic Sea regions* as the main participants. We usually meet on Åland Island but this year we had to change the plans. This year summit will be a combination of online meeting and local hubs. Read more and apply in the registration form.   

Summer 2020 registration form 

*The regions include: Denmark, Estonia, The Faroe Islands, Finland, Germany, Greenland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Sweden and the Åland Islands.

Engaged leaders of society are also welcome to attend to discuss and reflect with the youth in order to implement our messages and solutions and to receive our manifesto. 

You are welcome to join and support our movement!

It started on Åland Islands

A sustainable development is a part of the origin of the Åland society. For centuries, the people of the Åland island have taken care of their fellow human beings and the surrounding nature, always with the ambition to hand it over to the next generation in at least as good condition as it was when it was received. Their efforts have created a great welfare society in many ways. Thus, there is great reason to be grateful to earlier generations.

However, with the rapid acceleration of the 1950s, the Åland community has also been included in a global social development which is unsustainable both socially and environmentally. Thanks to the natural sustainability of the Åland origins, relatively early initiatives have been taken to counteract the unsustainable aspects of the development.


This became the "Agenda for Development and Sustainability of Åland ". The Agenda has been developed by hundreds of people and was manifested in the Forum for Social Development in September 2016. The process was launched through the Forum for Social Development in February 2016, when everyone living and working in Åland was invited to be part of the definition of a collective vision. From this vision seven strategic development goals have been defined, each to be fulfilled by 2030 at the latest. Fulfillment of the development goals will contribute to the realization of the vision.

The network Bärkraft (roughly translated to viability) is open for actors in all sectors of society and all people who actively want to contribute to a sustainable Åland. Through active dialogue, the network contributes to increased coordination and competence between and within the social sectors. With both physical and digital venues, Bä is a platform for dialogue and contact areas for all living and working on or visiting Åland. The network is a contribution to an open and active community discussion.


With dedication and purposeful action in everyone’s daily life, and the thorough refinement of the working practices of operators in all sectors of society, the conditions exist to allow us, step by step, to realise the vision:

The vision is a picture of the best Åland we can imagine. It is a picture that inspires and motivates and which gives the strength and desire to make sustainable decisions, great and small, even when it might be easier to do as before. Now, we shall build the society we want, not just for ourselves but also for our children and their children - how can it not be worth the effort?

The ReGeneration 2030 annual Summits for teenagers and young adults will be part of this. The inspiration can be used as a starting point and provide a common ground of departure for the Nordic and Baltic Sea regional cooperation, and the Åland Islands will therefore be a natural venue for the Summits to come.

A milestone in these efforts of the Åland society for a sustainable society development was the launch of the initiative of the Parliament and Government of Åland in 2014 for a joint pursuit of a fully sustainable Åland by 2051. 

"Everyone can flourish in a viable society on the islands of peace"



To support the implementation of the agenda, the network Bä was created. 

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