ReGeneration 2030

Summit 2020

We meet 
online and in
local hubs on

August 20. - 21.  

Partnerships for the goals - We are all in the same boat

We have 10  more years to find solutions to reach the United Nations' 2030 Agenda! For this to happen, we need everyone to be onboard and raise their voice. For this year's summit we have chosen SDG 17 as the theme and we will be working on on how to build strong partnerships and fostering collaboration. The main idea will be to support YOU with tools and ideas to start taking action in your local community because we think that you are the expert on what challenges are the biggest ones in your country.

So why should you join the summit?
  • To get to know like-minded youth in your local hub and from all over the region online

  • To hear inspiring speakers and learn about cool initiatives from all over the region

  • To get tools and frameworks that will help you identify challenges and come up with solutions

  • To start taking action in your community

Find your local hub or join online!

This year you can participate in the summit in two ways - either in local hubs all over the region or virtually. 
There are now hubs in Oslo, Stockholm, Mariehamn, Helsinki, Reykjavik, Krakow, Vilnius, Tallinn, Copenhagen, Greifswald and St Petersburg that you can join, and there are more to come. You can also organise your own hub. The national hub is a possibility to meet like-minded youth in your own area - without missing the international meeting online. 

Who can participate in the Summit?

We welcome teenagers and young adults, 15-29 years old, of the Nordic and Baltic Sea regions* as the main participants. Engaged leaders of society are also welcome to attend, to discuss and reflect with youth in order to implement our messages and solutions. 

Learn more about this year's summit - and register

*The regions include: Denmark, Estonia, The Faroe Islands, Finland, Germany, Greenland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Belarus, Ukraine and Åland. 

Agenda ReGeneration 2030 Summit 2020

Thursday 20/8

Venue: Local hubs & online 
Time: The schedule is set in Central European Time 



Agenda ReGeneration 2030 Summit 2020

Welcome in local hubs

12:00 - 13:00

Time to register and meet the other in the local hub. Open
space for local hub to do what they want. 

Formal opening of the meeting in hubs and online

13:00 - 13:15

Planting a seed: A short inspirational video setting the tone for the summit, and a teaser for the coming cultural activities during the summit, hosted by NIPÅ, Nordic Institute on Åland and the HållbArtfestival (Sustainability art festival). 

A warm welcome


Jonas Faergeman, chair of the ReGeneration 2030 steering committe makes a welcome speech. Jonas works as a Climate Reality Leader for the Climate Reality Project, a global organisation spreading awareness and educating on climate change. 

Around the region with our host


Karin Bylund, secretary of the ReGeneration 2030 steering committé, takes us around the region and let us meet the local hubs. Karin will be the online host for the summit. Karin works as a a project manager at the Gothenburg Centre for Sustainable Development 

ACTER - a  digital platform for action


Emil Vincent talks about  an open-source peer-to-peer platform, built to facilitate and coordinate actions, and how it can be used by ReGeneration 2030.   



Workshop cross borders

14:30 - 15: 30

Cooperation and ice-breaker activities. Getting to know each
other, despite of being spread out. 

Inspiration: Youth with huge impact


Annika Lepistö, Nordic Youth  delegation and advisory group for  Biodiversity Theme: How young people are getting real impact in global negotiations  on new common goals for biodiversity, and how youth can get impact in other issues as well. 

Inspiration: Clean games - playful way to help nature


Speakers from the russian organisation Clean Games explains how competitions on collecting litter and sorting it out has been spread wordwide and provides a playful way to change mindsets and behaviour.

      Panel discussion: Young people leading the way to a sustainable economy


Young innovators and entrepreneurs from across the Baltic Sea Region discuss with the participants and researcher Alberto Giacometti from the the BeUBio project. 

Around the region with our host


 Our online host, Karin Bylund,  summarizes the day . 



 Have a meal with the others in your hub or with your online   friends. 

Movie time - Washed ashore


All summit participants have been challenged to make a photo/film of trash in a creative way. The results will be a short movie we watch together. Inspired from the exhibition "Washed Ashore" - Art of rubbish at Nordens institut på Åland.

Friday 21/8

Venue: Local hubs & online 
Time: The schedule is set in Central European Time 



Welcome in hubs and online

12:00 - 12:15

Our host, Karin Bylund,  welcomes everyone to day 2 of the summit and checks in with some of the hubs. 

Meditative Powertalk: Environment x Humans

12:15 - 12:30

Michael Polejaev and Maxi Shilov, creators of Aestetik Documentary Film and founders of New Visual Culture Foundation, will share their big vision on the impact on environment of humans and their activity today and tomorrow in a form of meditation. (Hosted by NIPÅ)

Workshop : The more the merrier

12:30- 13:45

Workshop on Partnerships for Sustainable Development with the UN Youth of Finland. We will work on SDG 12 and 17 and the workshop will be facilitated online while we will work in our hub or as part of the virtual summit. 



Politics: Why youth is important and what youth can achieve


Paula Lehtomäki, General Secretary of the Nordic Council of Ministers, explains why the Nordic states support the voices and actions of young people people and why that is important in order to become the most sustainable region in the world. 

Workshop : Action workshop 

14:30- 16:30

Our final workshop in local hubs and online. We will explore why you think youth voices are important, how we can support them and what practical actions you want to take! You will start planning initiatives and activities together that you can implement over the next year. We will end the workshop with each hub presenting their ideas for future work by uploading their final document and celebrating! 

Closing words from chair and vicechair


Closing words from Vice Chair of ReGeneration 2030 Ekaterina Pantiukhova, who is researching the sustainability agenda in developing countries at SKOLKOVO School of Management in Moscow, and Chair of ReGeneration 2030 Jonas Færgeman.

End of the summit online


Our host Karin Bylund summarises the outcome and results of this year's summit and we will say goodbye to all the hubs and see you soon again (online) and next year on the Åland Islands! 



Dinner together with other participants, online or IRL. 

Live concert från Åland


Live concert from Åland with Yohan och Emil on NIPÅ live. 

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