ReGeneration 2030

Summit 2018


The Summit of 2018 was our first meeting that served as a starting point for active participation in the community debate by contributing and promoting positive change together. During the Summit, we focused on creating a safe, trusting atmosphere in which we learn from each other in our work towards a sustainable present and future.

The main theme of the Summit in 2018 was Goal 12 of the UN Agenda 2030: Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns. It is important that we highlight the problems in today's production and consumption patterns and that we create better conditions for intergenerational dialogue to reach a more sustainable way of living.

Goal 12 is an area where the Nordic and Baltic Sea regions countries have major shortcomings, which makes it relevant that we focus on it as a first step. By concentrating the work to one goal, we can work solution-focused and avoid that the Summit becomes sprawling or overwhelming.


The sessions of the Summit focused on different sub-themes related to the goal which enabled the participants to focus on questions that are closest to their heart and where they feel that they can make an impact. 

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