Despite a global pandemic and unprecedented global challenges, ReGeneration 2030 hosted their third annual Summit on the 20th and 21st of August. More than ever young people need to come together and find ways to take action, so creative thinking was applied and a completely new format was created, using the tools of technology to connect youth across the region via Zoom, while they were able to meet physically in local hubs.

More than 150 people took part, either online, in physical hubs, as speakers and including the organisers. Around 120 young people met for inspiring programming, around 50 participating online and 70 young people met in person in local hubs in Krakow, Greifswald, Reykjavik, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Tallinn, Vilnius, St Petersburg and Kiev. Covering 13 countries and autonomous regions and spanning four time zones, the participants were still able to experience the regional diversity which makes the ReGeneration 2030 Summit such a powerful experience!

The power of youth

Jonas Færgeman, Chairman of ReGeneration 2030 was impressed with the dedication of the participants:

"This year proved once again to me that there is no end to the energy and willpower of young activists! One cannot help but be inspired by such efforts - in the midst of a climate crisis and global pandemic, it is truly an uplifting experience to witness the passion of this generation when it comes to combating the issues, which endangers us all.”

But he is also aware that there is still a very long way to go and youth cannot get too comfortable anytime soon, but will have to keep the momentum going:

“But we must not rest on our laurels! This year, it is important for us to show the world what we, the youth, can do; it marks the decade-long countdown to the 2030 Agenda. 10 years is our time frame, but I have no doubt we will do anything in our power to reach the deadline, regardless of the amount of assistance we shall receive from any wielder of power!

So from the bottom of my heart, I thank every participant who joined this year's Summit and for making it such a positive reminder of youth power!

Let's get to work!"

Inspiration and call to action

Among the speakers were Paula Lehtomäki, General Secretary of the Nordic Council of Ministers, Tony Addison, Professor of Economics at the University of Copenhagen, as part of a workshop organised by UN Youth of Finland, Annika Lepistö, member of the Nordic Youth delegation and Advisory group for Biodiversity and Anton Zaitsev, PR Manager at the NGO Clean Games.

Alberto Giacometti from Nordregio and the BeUBio project also hosted an inspiring panel of

young entrepreneurs from all over the region who have founded their own sustainable businesses and initiatives.

ReGeneration 2030 also announced and officially launched their partnership with the collaboration platform ACTER with a keynote by founder Emil Vincentz. The platform will support and expand the regional connections and coalition-building efforts of ReGeneration 2030 for the future.

The two days were filled with inspirational speeches, brilliant examples and cases of sustainable action and the chance for all the participants to get to know new people, expand their networks and get started on their work with sustainability, the SDG’s and their own projects!

Accelerating the impact

Friday culminated with an action workshop where every hub and online participant got together in groups to start defining the work and projects they will be taking forward in their local communities during the next year.

The aim is sustained activity in these initial 10 hubs and cities and a steady expansion throughout the region during the upcoming year and beyond. The aim of ReGeneration 2030 is to continuously expand the network of youth taking action on sustainable challenges across the region, and act as a facilitator for growing collaboration and expansion of the work, alongside the aim of including all young people in the work for a more sustainable region. At the end of the Summit, 50 people were active on the ACTER platform. The upcoming weeks will be about consolidating the network of local hubs while ensuring the active participation of this, and previous years’, Summit’s delegates.

Thus begins the exciting work with consolidating ReGeneration 2030 as a legal entity, and the beginning of the planning of next year’s Summit, which will be bigger than ever with the 100-year anniversary of the Åland Islands’ autonomy to organise a full ReGeneration 2030 week with more participants and initiatives than ever before!


Head of Communications

Stinne Vognæs


Jonas Færgeman

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In a Steering Committee meeting on the 3rd of July 2020, the Steering Committee of ReGeneration 2030 decided to begin the process of becoming its own legal entity. Back in 2018, a grant from the Nordic Council of Ministers marked the start of the ReGeneration 2030 movement. Since then, the movement has been hosted as a project by the Nordic Institute on Åland. The initial three years funding come to an end in 2020, which makes the decision to become an independent legal entity the next natural step.

In the meeting, the Steering Committee members accepted the working group’s proposition to begin the formal process of becoming an independent, legal entity. The exact format of the entity will be further investigated in the upcoming weeks and discussed with the Advisory Committee later in the summer.

The new structure of the movement and the official registration is expected to be in place during the Autumn of 2020.

Regeneration 2030 påbörjar processen att bli en juridisk person

I ett styrelsemöte den 3 juli, 2020, fattade ReGeneration 2030s styrelse, beslutet att påbörja processen att omstrukturera rörelsen till en juridisk person. Sedan starten 2018 har ReGeneration 2030 varit huvudsakligen finansierat av Nordiska Ministerrådet, som en ungdomsledt rörelse, där värdskapet legat hos Nordiska Institutet på Åland. I och med att den initiala finansieringen om tre år tar slut under 2020, så innebär förändringen ett naturligt steg för rörelsen.

Under fredagens möte, beslutades därmed att ReGeneration 2030s styrelse, att acceptera arbetsgruppens förslag att bli en självständig juridisk person. Det exakta formatet kommer att utredas under de kommande veckorna och senare diskuteras i samråd med ReGeneration 2030s rådgivande kommitté senare i sommar.

Den nya strukturen och den officiella registreringen som juridisk person förväntas vara på plats under hösten 2020.

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Päivitetty: 14. marras 2019

What is the future of the Nordic region and is there real inclusion in sight for youth? Those are questions to consider after the joint meeting in Stockholm between 9 youth representatives and the Nordic prime ministers.

The Nordic Council is having their annual session, which brings stakeholders together from all the Nordic countries and autonomous areas, including the Nordic Prime Ministers and Nordic youth representatives. Sustainable development is of course at the top of the agenda and this year a big step has been taken towards 2030. On the 20th of August a new vision was adopted, which states the goal of making the Nordic region the most sustainable and integrated region in the world by 2030. The focus priorities include a green Nordic region, a competitive region through green growth, and a socially sustainable region, ensuring inclusion and equality for all. Iceland is currently holding the presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers and they have decided to focus on youth. This has meant the organising of dialogue meetings and inclusion of youth in different fora.

Today, Wednesday, marks the third dialogue meeting between youth and the Nordic Prime Ministers, where our youth representatives have given their views and opinions on how to make the above vision a reality and how to make progress in the fight against climate change. The representatives from 10 different youth organisations were presenting their points of action to be included in the action plans to achieve the 2030 vision.

Youth was included from the whole Nordic region including Simon Holmström from the ReGeneration 2030 board. He emphasised the youth’s call for a new political

leadership. Along with the other youth representatives, he was able to present his points for action to the ministers including asking the Nordic Council of Ministers should set an end date for the use of fossil fuels in the Nordic region

The joint statement of the youth representatives leaves no uncertainty about the key demand of the youth:

“We, the Nordic youth representatives, consider human-caused climate change as one of the greatest challenges of our time. The climate crisis impacts our existence and is the fateful question that our generation unwillingly inherited from the generations before us. It is now our responsibility we have to share and carry together. It requires an unseen degree of collaboration, courage and will across national borders, sectors of society and generations.”

The statement includes 14 demands among others phasing out fossil fuels, sharing best practices among Nordic countries, doing more to support sustainable consumption patterns, and ensuring an intergenerational and just approach.

Simon expressed mixed feelings after the dialogue meeting, saying that,

”We were disappointed that the prime ministers made excuses claiming that their countries work climate smart when we in the Nordic countries seem to be stuck in the same place.” There is still reason to hope and he also says that “I am pleased that the prime ministers gave an opening to discuss one of our most important requirements, to set an end date for the use of fossil fuels.” He still expect the prime ministers to take the joint statement seriously and use it in the concretisation of the vision.

Simon Holmström is handing over the ReGeneration 2030 Manifesto to Katrín Jakobsdóttir, the Icelandic prime minister

After the meeting, Simon had a short chat with Katrín Jakobsdóttir, the Icelandic prime minister, the current chair of the Nordic co-operation. She was seemingly interested discussing the idea of setting an end date for the use of fossil fuels.

"I hope that this constructive dialogue will continue also after the Icelandic presidency," says Simon, "ReGeneration 2030 is a fantastic platform for that."


Stinne Friis Vognæs

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