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Young people's actions for a sustainable future are being rewarded

During the Anatomy of Action Challenge, youth around the region posted their best sustainable lifestyle actions on social media. Everyone who participated did a great job contributing to this challenge and spreading interesting and smart sustainable lifestyle actions that everyone can make. After careful consideration, ReGeneration 230 is now happy to announce five people that stood out during the challenge, and took it to the next level! These five individuals will be rewarded for their actions at the gala on Monday evening at ReGeneration Week!

Steffi Meisl, FUN:

After reading the book "Plastic Planet" in 2009, Steffi started to explore options on sustainable living and alternatives to plastic. Five years ago, she moved to Iceland, challenging herself further to reduce her impact and sharing her experience with others. She talks about her waste-free journey on Instagram, but also on her podcast and website. This year she will start a master's in Environment and Natural Resources, gaining more knowledge and using it to make a difference.

Steffi has throughout the entire challenge made an impressive effort and has uploaded and created visuals and stories for every AoA domain that has been creative, educational, and inspirational. Her efforts have been visible both in her Instagram stories and her Instagram feed. Steffi has been very active in all domains but deserves credit for her efforts for the domain fun.

Violetta Massala, STUFF:

Violetta is a Sustainability Economist, born in the magical land of Kazakhstan, and now living in Finland. She makes it her mission to find solutions to the problems that face our world and how to be moving into a sustainable future. Whether it is to change the business model towards more sustainability or solve a business case for the company that wishes to go green, she takes pride in providing the best service she can promptly and bravely to make a change - one step at a time.

Violetta has been extremely active throughout the entire challenge and did the best job in creating a variety of stories to engage with others by creating quizzes that were both creative, fun, and informative. Violetta also used her own graphics, while using many different snapshots. For this, Violetta deserves to be named a winner within the ReGenAoA challenge, and get some extra credit for her work within the domain stuff.

Thuy Pham, MONEY:

Thuy is a Master’s student at LUT University - Circular Economy degree. Sustainability becomes a part of her study and living style, and she always wants to inspire other people to live and fight against climate change issues. She is actively creating and sharing posts about sustainable lifestyle and innovation through her Facebook and LinkedIn, also working on a personal project about embracing the traditional cultures which benefit the environment and society.

Thuy has continuously updated, and actively participated in the ReGenAoA Social Media Channel through the channels of LinkedIn, where she has combined scientific research with her own personal stories and arguments. She ended the challenge by targeting her friends, challenging them to take on a more sustainable lifestyle. Although she made an overall great contribution, she stands out a bit more on the domain money.

Lennie Jansson, MOVE:

Lennie grew up in the lush countryside of Åland, curious about all living things and the science of it all. Now, Lennie is 26 and living in his favorite city Linköping, where he is finishing his master thesis in nutrient recycling and anaerobic digestion of wastes. He is excited to continue a chapter of action in my life and tries his best to follow his core values, acting with compassion, encouragement, and his greatest strength - creativity!

Lennie has throughout the challenge impressed us all by communicating his lifestyle efforts both on Facebook and internally among other participants and other partners to ReGeneration 2030. Lennie created compelling visuals, using both graphics provided, and combined this with his own, pictures, and suggestions for actions and companies to turn to. Lennie especially stood out in the domain move.

Emilia Lundberg, FOOD:

Emilia works as a waitress and studies Hospitality Management in Mariehamn, the Åland Islands. She has been interested in sustainability for a long time: she is interested in our planet, how our behaviors change it, and professionally she wants to treat our world right to have a sustainable future and preserve our world.

Emilia has targeted every domain and subdomain by uploading Instagram posts. As a member of ReGeneration, she also helped out with the challenge internally, for which she also deserves credit. Emilia did an amazing job by using all relevant graphics, uploading her own snapshots, and also contributing with increased knowledge for her followers by to a wide extent engaging with longer textual stories. As for the specific domain, she especially did a great job within the domain of food.


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