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Towards a more sustainable and inclusive future: Introducing Anatomy of Action!

ReGeneration 2030, in cooperation with Stockholm Environment Institute and United Nations Environment Program, are happy to announce the Anatomy of Action challenge!

We all know what a sustainable lifestyle is and what we, as a society, should aim for in order to build a new sustainable world. Yet, even having the knowledge needed we might struggle to live according to our principles. One can assume various reasons for it: confusion, feeling like the task is too daunting, or perhaps that it is hard to live in a sustainable way without restricting oneself too much and losing the joy of life. The Anatomy of Action is here to prove the opposite and show that a sustainable way of living can and should be fun, inspiring and that taking small steps is the best key to achieve it!

Sustainable lifestyles and the well-know daily little steps are too often considered as both restrictions and responsibility placed at individual levels. In fact, while living more sustainably implies reducing the consumption of a given product, the miles we travel or the number of stuff we buy, living more sustainably is also highly correlated with well-being. So rather than restrictions and individual responsibility, living sustainably is a lot more about establishing new sets of aspirations in which we prioritize being over having and spending time with family and friends over working more to consume more. - Boris, United Nations Environment Program

The Anatomy of Action Challenge is a 15-day social media challenge that is going to encourage you to incorporate easy sustainable habits throughout your days. The challenge will be divided into 5 areas of action: food, stuff, money, move, and fun. Participants will get access to a special toolkit with all the information needed for the successful completion of the challenge. Together we can show that small actions can have a positive impact not only on the planet but also on our personal well-being!

Many of the global challenges we face today are caused by the rate we consume. Pollution, the over-extraction of resources and biodiversity loss are directly linked to increasing production to meet consumption demands. How we consume corresponds to how we live our lives. Taking individual actions to consume less, choose quality over quantity, buy local and reframe how we spend our free time sends power messages to not only our friends and family but also to the decision makers in our communities. - Aina Eriksson from Stockholm Environment Institute.

During the challenge, one person or other actors (e.g organization, company) from each track will be chosen as an Anatomy of Action ambassador. The ambassador will automatically get a spot at ReGeneration Week 2021 and will during the gala at the end of the Week receive a diploma for their actions and participation during the Anatomy of Action Challenge. In order to be able to become an ambassador, you have to tag us in your post and use the Anatomy of Action hashtags. The criteria to be able to become an ambassador are simple: you should be between 15-29 years old, live in the Nordic and Baltic Sea Region, and show us, by using hashtags and tagging us in your post, that you’re genuinely investigated and interested in the Anatomy of Action challenge. Share your experiences, successes, or struggles. Don’t be afraid of being creative and having fun with the challenge!

If you want to get to know the other people who participate in this challenge, get updates and inspiration, you can sign up using a form on our website. The sign-up opens on Friday the 19th of April. Read more about the Anatomy of Action challenge and sign-up here (click me!)


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