The next level

Three years have passed. Much has happened throughout the three first years. We are glad to announce that the ReGeneration 2030 Movement has formally applied to become a foundation. This is an important step in the transformation process leading to becoming a strong voice for youth in the Agenda 2030 in the Nordic and Baltic Sea Regions.

Starting with discussions on the Åland islands, a seed for a new youth movement was born in 2017. The idea was to gather initiatives, campaigns and organisations in the regional vicinity that work with Agenda 2030 and youth issues. Several partners quickly joined the network and created a unified platform where youth could meet like-minded people. After some Nordic partners were attracted, the same development took place in the other Baltic Sea countries. ReGeneration 2030 - as the movement came to be called - encompasses 14 countries and autonomous regions in the Nordic and Baltic Sea regions. Funding from the Nordic Council of Ministers, the Åland Provincial Government, the Swedish Institute and the Council of the Baltic Sea States provided the opportunity for the appointment of a coordinator 2017–2020. The Nordic Institute on Åland (NIPÅ) took the responsibility to act as a project organisation. It was decided that the movement's main meeting points - the “summits” - would take place on the Åland islands in August each year.

Summit 2018

The first Summit in August 2018 was a success with over 110 participants from 13 countries and regions. During the Summit, a manifesto for the movement was adopted, stating the vision of sustainable consumption and production with demands and commitments. After the Summit, the movement was invited to a number of different high-level meetings to represent the voice of young people. The Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference, COP24 and the High Level Community Planning Forum in St. Petersburg are some examples. The movement has also been featured in IKEA's international sustainability report.

Summit 2019

The second Summit had a special focus on climate issues and how consumption impacts that. Also, the Summit was developed with a "Sustainable festival" which was also aimed at the general public. In total, 200 people were engaged. As a result of the second Summit, the White Monday movement grew stronger and gained a firmer foothold in the region. Several participants at the Summit have also been invited to meetings, conferences and festivals regarding sustainable consumption and climate-smart lifestyles. For instance, a representative of the movement met the Nordic prime ministers with a demand letter together with other Nordic youth representatives. The movement was also represented at COP25 and other events.

Summit 2020

In 2020, following the pandemic, the Summit was held digitally with up to 170 active participants and around 250 participants including the local hubs.

Following the end of the formal project after this year’s Summit, the previous project organisation – the Nordic Institute on Åland (NIPÅ) – declared that the process of transferring the “brand” to an organisation would begin. One of the main reasons for establishing ReGeneration 2030 as a registered legal entity pertains to the movement’s vision of youth taking the lead. Having young people in charge of the operations without any external administrative power in the background along with formal age restrictions for board membership makes the organisation truly youth-led. A registered entity opens up new possibilities for receiving funding and enter into agreements.

The board of the newly founded organisation wishes to invite you to take part in the next phase of the movement and will share the many ways through which youth can get involved as this movement has been and should continue to be built and run by active youth from the region. We especially encourage you to save the date of the 2021 ReGeneration Week which will take place from the 28th of August to the 1st of September 2021. The Week, of which the Summit is an integral part, is organised in conjunction with a range of partner organisations. The Week is being announced as the main international highlights during the celebration of Åland’s 100 years of autonomy and of the coming Finnish chairmanship programme of the Nordic Council.

We hope you understand that the website will undergo a revision and that contact persons have changed. We look forward to our future collaboration.

Bára Örk Melsted



Paulius Serapinas

Vice chairperson


Simon Holmström

Acting Secretary General



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