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Rising Tides, Rising Movements - 100 youth are gathering on Åland to skill up the climate movement

One hundred young people from all over the Nordic and Baltic Sea region are set to gather in Åland, Finland on the 12-15th August to learn, strategize and build capacity to continue the fight against climate collapse and improve their actions under the theme “Rising Tides, Rising Movements”.

ReGeneration 2030 is a youth movement, that unites movements for sustainability from the Nordic and Baltic Sea region. Its main event is ReGeneration Week held in Mariehamn, Åland Islands, run by youth, for youth. In previous years, ReGeneration 2030 has reimagined a new social, political, and economic system that could fight climate collapse and restore ecosystems, and built an awe-inspiring Youth Position Paper outlining how governments, companies, and civil society can make the big changes we need to see to bring a new system to life in our region.

“We can’t wait for politicians and companies to act. They are choosing to ignore the urgency of the crisis by not taking sufficient action. Youth and social movements have been behind massive social change throughout history. From using mass protests and petitions to working through unions and political parties, there are so many ways we can put pressure on the right places.”

- Alva Danielsson, ReGeneration 2030’s Movement Coordinator on this year's theme, Rising Tides, Rising Movements.

The ReGeneration Week programme is packed with inspiring workshops, panel discussions, and fun activities where youth activists gain will tools and strategies for social movements. We are gathering in multiple places in Mariehamn, including the youth centre Uncan and the Mariehamn City Hall. The event will end with intergenerational dialogues, where executive change-makers and youth activists will meet at the same table through facilitated dialogue about the system changes needed for a just green transition in our region.

“I hope that ReGeneration Week will be able to empower and inspire young climate activists to keep fighting for the system change and gain tools to fight even more efficiently. Apart from it, I hope that the executive change-makers will be able to see and realise how concerned about their future young people are and will step up for the much-needed change.”

- Ugnė Budriūnaitė, ReGeneration 2030’s Chairperson.

Contact information for press

Ugnė Budriūnaitė

Chairperson, (English)

+370 64391943

Alva Danielsson

Movement coordinator, (English, Swedish)

+46 727029720


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