Meet The Team

The Steering Committee

The Steering Committee (SC) is the strategic and leading body of ReGeneration 2030 and sets its goals and frames. 

Stinne Friis Vognæs

Communication Contact Person

Stinne is a master student of Global Politics and Communication at the University of Helsinki where she researches the topics of youth participation and democracy innovations. Outside of academia she also shares stories of youth change makers. Stinne is based in Helsinki, Finland. 

Janika Takatalo

Finance Contact Person

Janika works as an International Advocacy Specialist for the Finnish National Youth Council Allianssi. She has a Master's Degree in Social Sciences and she is currently doing her Doctoral Degree at the University of Turku. She has experience for example in youth politics, EU-politics and education politics. Janika is based in Helsinki/Turku, Finland.

Pontus Ambros

Summit Contact Person

Pontus works as a Project Assistant at the Baltic University Programme, a regional university programme in the Baltic Sea Region that develops student activities and conferences with sustainability themes. He has a Master’s Degree in Sustainability Science and has previously worked with both research and education. Pontus is based in Uppsala, Sweden.

Jonas Færgeman


Jonas works as a Climate Reality Leader for the Climate Reality Project, a global organisation spreading awareness and educating on climate change. He has experience with environmental politics and corporate sustainability. He is finishing his Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Philosophy. Jonas is based in Aarhus, Denmark.

Karin Bylund


Karin Bylund is a project manager at the Gothenburg Centre for Sustainable Development. Karin holds a bachelor's degree in Global Studies with a focus on International Relations and Psychology. She has experience from the Swedish civil society with a focus on issues related to education and equality. Karin is based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Dan Sundqvist

Summit Contact Person

Dan works as a project manager for the EU project A Safe Haven - a joint effort by municipalities, authorities and civil society to develop cooperation when receiving refugees and helping them integrate in Åland. He has a Master’s Degree in Comparative Religion and experience from the civil society. Dan is based on the Åland Islands, Finland

The Secretariat

The SC gives the operate mandate to the Secretariat, which is administratively supported by the Nordic Institute on Åland (NIPÅ)

Working Groups

Louise Hertzberg


As the coordinator, Louise leads the operative work and the working groups of ReGeneration 2030. Louise has worked at the Nordic Council of ministers with communication and arranging seminars. She has a bachelor of arts in political science. 

Hanna Salmén


On parental leave

The Summit Group

Yana Kachenyuk

Group member

Olga Sobota

Group member

Bodgan Dvorovyi

Group member

The Finance Group

Erin Melán

Group member

Noah Boivie

Group member

The Communication Group

Stinne Friis Vognæs

Group leader

Mai Andresson

Group member

Amy Au

Group member

Antanas Valčiukas

Group member

The working group members have joined through partner organisations or as volunteers. Some positions are still open. To apply, use our contact form.

The Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee (AC) supports the AC and the Secretariat, and is comprised of representatives of partner organisations. 

Members 2020:

Helén Nilsson, Nordic Council of Ministers Office Lithuania

Håkan Strömmer, Åland Provincial Government

Jacob Mangwana Haagendal, Nordic Institute on Åland, (NIPÅ)

Jonna Similä, Hanaholmen

Uģis Zanders, Council of the Baltic Sea States

Core organisers


Our Partners

ReGeneration 2030 is developed through the collaboration between organisations that join our work continously


The work of ReGeneration 2030 is made possible through the generosity of a growing number of funders


ReGeneration 2030 is greateful to be working with various partners in the Nordic and Baltic Sea Region

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