We have a range of partners involved in our projects and activities. Some organisations, however, want to take the cooperation to a new level - we call them core partners. Those are partners who want to cooperate with us on a long-term basis for a sustainable future.

We invite all organisations, networks or projects working with youth engagement and sustainability issues in the Nordic and Baltic Sea regions to become core partner to ReGeneration 2030. We are so much more powerful togetherAll our core partners get:

  • access to the partner network, where we share information, discuss activities and develop projects together,

  • invitations to represent the movement on relevant events and festival,

  • 2 participant places on the ReGeneration Week,

  • opportunity to use our commnication channels for international events and activities.


In your application to the Secretary General, you should be able to demonstrate that:

  • you work with youth and youth issues

  • your organisation has an active stance in realising the 2030 Agenda,

  • you share the ReGeneration 2030 vision.

Core partnership is free of charge.


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Our core partners


Estonian Youth Council

The Estonian National Youth Council (ENL) is an umbrella organisation that unites youth associations and participation groups operating in Estonia. ENL believes that every path begins with a dream. We dream of strong and active youth associations. We see many dynamic young people influencing and changing society for the better. 

Icelandic Youth Environmentalist Association

The Icelandic Youth Environmentalist Association is a non-governmental organisation with the primary objective of giving young people a platform to positively influence the way society interacts with nature.


Clean Games

Clean Games raise environmental awareness through games. We make competitions in collecting and sorting wastes. We train activists and NGOs across the globe to run such events in order to widen their audiences, raise funds, and attract media. We also provide the methodology and the IT platform for free. Clean Games is based in Russia.

Terram Pacis

Established in 2010, TERRAM PACIS is an independent, humanitarian, human rights, and non-profit organisation, which is highly passionate about youth education and empowerment. Changing lives makes us happy! We truly believe in the transformative power of non-formal education, and its ability to simplify the way we learn, teach, perform, transform, and elevate experiences. Terram Pacis is based in Norway.


Innovative Technologies Studio

Innovative Technologies Studio is a non-profit organization, established in 2017 in Gomel (Belarus). The main objective is to promote the sustainable development of local communities through lifelong education and community support. The activities of the institution are carried out within the program areas Public Innovation Studio, ArtEC-Laboratory, Workshop of Ideas and Belarusian Family Album.

UN Youth Association of Denmark

The United Nations Youth Association of Denmark is a youth-led organisation aiming to raise awareness about the most urging global challenges and promote youth participation. Our purpose is to continuously empower young people to take action and contribute to creation of a healthy, resilient, and sustainable society.