Frequently asked questions

The Movement

How can I get involved in the ReGeneration 2030 movement without participating in the Summit on the Åland Islands?

Although the Summit is our main annual strategical event where a lot of progress will take place, it does not stop there. The change happens when people like you get involved and make change together with us. Check out the subpage "Get involved" for more info.

Does ReGeneration 2030 have a party-political affiliation?

No, Regeneration 2030 does not have a party-political affiliation.

What is the Movement?

Creating an event without a plan of how to implement it does not lead to much change. The movement is the magic that will happen all year around, the changes that we will see and that we will create together, based on conclusions made during the Summits. The movement is the change, the influence, the strive for a sustainable living on our planet that we will create together. Join us!

What is the Manifesto?

The Manifesto is the collected messages and commitments that the participants put together during the Summit and that is being delivered to identified important stakeholders of society. The Manifesto will lay the grounds for the Action Plan that will be created during the fall of 2018. You can download and read the Manifesto under the subpage Summit.

What are the SDGs and the Agenda 2030?

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a collection of 17 global goals set by the United Nations. The broad goals are interrelated though each has its own targets to achieve. The total number of targets is 169. The SDGs cover a broad range of social and economic development issues to be achieved by 2030. The SDGs are also known as "Transforming our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development" or 2030 Agenda in short. The goals were developed to replace the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) which ended in 2015. Unlike the MDGs, the SDG framework does not distinguish between "developed" and "developing" nations. Instead, the goals apply to all countries.

The Summit

Why are the annual summits held on the Åland Islands?

ReGeneration 2030 is inspired by the network Bärkraft of the Åland Islands. The inspiration can be used as a starting point and provide a common ground of departure for the Nordic and Baltic Sea regional cooperation, and the Åland Islands will therefore be a natural venue for the Summits to come. To read more about this, please read more under the tab Get involved.

How can I participate in the Summit?

As the main youth participants, we welcome you who are 15-29 years old and live in the Nordic and Baltic Sea regions and have an interest in working with exisiting and new solutions for achieveing the sustainable development goals (SDGs). We also welcome engaged leaders of society, politics, civil sector, academia and business, to attend, listen to, discuss with and receive the messages of the youth participants. If you wish to join as a volunteer, you are invited to sign up as well. Please read more under "Summit".

I am a citizen of one country in the Nordic and Baltic Sea regions but I live in another, for which country do I apply?

You apply for the country in which you intend to be an active member of the ReGeneration 2030 movement after the Summit. If you intend to be active in both countries, you choose one of them or indicate that you will be active in several countries.

I am a citizen of a country outside the Nordic and Baltic Sea countries and regions but I live/study/work in one of them, can I apply?

If you intend to stay in the Nordic or Baltic Sea country or region after the Summit and thus be able to contribute to the continuation of the movement in your country or region of residence, you can apply.

I have certain dietary restrictions; will these be taken into consideration?

Yes. Prior to your participation we will ask you to let us know if you have any dietary needs.

I am 30 or older and I would like to participate, can I?

Yes, we welcome people of all generations to attend, listen to and discuss with the youth participants. If you are a leader of society (politics, academia, civil society, business, etc.) or have another influential role we in particular invite you to discuss and bring our messages with you to make change in our society through your role. You may also volunteer during the Summit.

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