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If we want the world to become circular, we have to change the whole system.



The Earth is very complex with interconnected and finite resources and we need to treat it as such. It is a system where ecological, social, and economic aspects must be seen as a whole, a unit that must be balanced. We need our leaders to incorporate systems thinking as a new foundation for society and how we develop it.

The era of linear thinking and economy is coming to its end and we have to admit that. If we want to transition smoothly, we need to collaborate for circularity. These are our suggestions for the start of collaboration:

1. Consumers have to change their attitude towards consumption.

We cannot continue the business as usual anymore, as our finite natural resources are running out. Because of that, the public discourse of the “Consumer” has to be changed completely. 

2. System thinking has to be approached.

As climate change and biodiversity crisis are both wicked problems, meaning their scale is extremely complex and multidimensional and there is no silver bullet for their resolution, a systemic approach seems to be the best alternative.


Download a full PDF of circulents action plan.

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