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The time of waste is coming to an end. No more extraction of new resources. Time for repurposing, repairing, and, as last resort, recycling, is here. Keep it in the loop.



75% of our everyday waste can be recycled, however, only 30% are recycled. We are running out of natural resources, if we don't start reusing and recycling our materials, soon we will not have supplies to create new products. 

There is a solution - circular waste management. To achieve that, we propose a few suggestions:

1. Spaces can be shared.

Municipalities should map from their provincial and city plans how their building base is used and collaborate with companies on how to utilize offices and other business spaces during the time they are empty.

2. More circular construction and manufacturing.

The use of materials in construction and manufacturing should be through legislation and other methods guided towards better circular material use.

3. Products deserve a second life.

Consumers should be encouraged to share, repurpose and repair their items and only after such steps should there be an easily accessible recycling system available for different materials and products.


Download a full PDF of circulents action plan.

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