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If we wish to save our existence on this planet, we have to start taking responsibility for our actions.



Not only a consumer has to take responsibility for their actions. The world's biggest polluters are factories and large companies, whose choices of producing goods can affect the lifespan of the current life on Earth. Because of that, they voluntarily or by being forced have to start taking responsibility for their actions.

We suggest ways to start taking responsibility:

1. Taking responsibility via taxes. Those should include:

  • Pollution 

Emissions created while making the product or service and by transporting produced goods to places of sale should be taxed. 

  • Waste of the produced goods

The production of items or services which are not circular per se should be taxed.

  • Unethical production of goods

The production of items or services which is unethical to a human or animal kind as well as the wasteful use of natural resources should be taxed. 

2. Circularity scale should be established. 

A measurement framework or taxonomy system for assessing circularity level of businesses and products should be created. Global convergence towards a circular standard or benchmark has to happen.

3. Governments have to take a leading position.

Governments have to prioritize sustainability and circularity in public procurement and in that way set an example to follow.


Download a full PDF of circulents action plan.

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