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If we want to be a circular society, we need the right consumer goods to keep us in the circularity loop.

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Linear society goods are practically single-use. Often, they can not be repaired or recycled and end up as a waste. The circular society requires easy accessibility to circular services that provide goods that are being kept in the circularity loop, using resources that are already out there.

This can be achieved quite easily - we need to start creating circular consumer goods. To achieve that, we propose a few suggestions:

1. Government support is necessary.

Financial support for circular businesses should be provided by the government. It could be either additional subsidies or tax exemption for circular businesses.

2. Circular products and services should be advertised.

The main purpose of advertising - the spread of the idea of circular products and services among people. That could raise a demand for circular products and services which would lead to a rise in supply. Then, the price for circular products and services should decrease until it reaches market price.

3. Scientific research should be supported.

Financial support for scientific research in order to expand the variety of resources and materials in order to make high-quality, circular products and services.


Download a full PDF of circulents action plan.

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