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About Us 

By Youth, for Youth

The World We're Building

The Nordic and Baltic Sea region is rich in resources, people and ideas. We’ve got one of the strongest youth climate movements in the world and a long history of social justice and cross-border cooperation. 


We also have some of the highest resource use and carbon emissions in the world and continued colonisation of indigenous people’s land and way of life.

To build a sustainable future, we have to change this system: build regional and international solidarity and switch to a circular economy before 2030. That’s why our vision is to make sustainable consumption and production the new norm in the Nordic and Baltic Sea regions.

Our Mission

We, the youth, believe that it is our mission to build a sustainable future. From bringing down apartheid in South Africa to winning voting rights for women in the UK, it's been young people at the front of movements for changing the world over.


We can’t wait for the leaders of the current system to dismantle it under their own feet: it’s time to take matters into our own hands.

That’s why our mission is to mobilise a strong youth movement in order to bring about a sustainable transition in the Nordic and Baltic Sea regions.

How We're Doing It 

The youth environmental movements in our region are strong: when we work together we are even stronger. 


Every August we gather together for a 4-day sustainability festival on Åland, an island in the middle of the Baltic Sea. If you dream of a better future for our region, this is the place to be.




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