ReGeneration Week 2021 #ReThinkingTheSystem


ReGeneration Week, previously called ReGeneration Summit, is ReGeneration 2030's annual event held on the Åland Island in late August. 

What is ReGeneration Week? 

ReGeneration Week is created by youth, for youth. Announced as a high-level international meeting by the Government of Åland and the Government of Finland, the ReGeneration Week offers a meeting place where youth and decision-makers get to discuss and propose solutions for a more sustainable future. It is a powerful platform for learning, knowledge sharing, and sustainability networking, and of course a lot of fun! ReGeneration Week creates an arena for collective action taking in the Nordic and Baltic Sea Region, shaping the youth leadership that our region needs. 

What happens at ReGeneration Week?

The theme for this year's ReGeneration Week is #ReThinkingTheSystem - which stresses the importance of a sustainable recovery after the pandemic. ReGeneration Week will offer interactive lectures and workshops, intergenerational dialogues, learning and provide tools to contribute to a more sustainable life in connection to the five different domains in Anatomy of Action. ReGeneration Week culminates in a gala, where the declaration that the participants of ReGeneration Week have prepared will be handed over to decision-makers such as the EU Commissioner Virginijus Sinkevičius.


When and where is ReGeneration Week?

ReGeneration Week 2021 will be running between the 28th until the 31st of August. ReGeneration Week takes place in Mariehamn at The Åland Islands, but you also have the opportunity to participate digitally. 

The theme for ReGeneration Week 2021 is ReThinking The System.

Why do we need to Rethink The System?

Imagine a world where sustainable production is the norm, a sustainable world for both humans and the planet. But instead, politicians seek voters and businesses follow demand. We are living in a system that does not have a future. In the sustainable society we strive for, there are no activities that systematically exploit natural or human resources. Advocating for sustainable consumption and production will push businesses into redeveloping new business models, incorporate the principles of circular economy, and force politicians into financing public welfare services through only sustainable practices. Hence, ReGeneration 2030 believes that sustainable production and consumption is key in realizing Agenda 2030. 

What is Anatomy of Action?

The Anatomy of Action outlines the top-level changes any individual can make to support the growing shift to global sustainability. The Anatomy of Action toolkit, consists of five different domains which are food, stuff, move, money and fun. We have partnered up with the United Nations Environment Programme to create a research-based agenda to define and communicate the most positively impactful actions anyone of us can take to add to the global movement around sustainable lifestyles to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

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